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Optimizing Payments with k-ecommerce Payment Portal & Payment Extension


Whether you operate an online store or not, giving your customers a secure, convenient way to pay bills online is a smart strategy for any business.

For offline entrepreneurs, it gives their customers the freedom to pay their bills at their convenience on the web. And for ecommerce businesses, it offers even more payment flexibility and contributes to a first-rate customer experience.

We’re thrilled to announce the release of k-ecommerce Payment Portal & Payment Extension: a cloud-based, PCI Certified online payment solution fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP. It’s fast, convenient and secure, letting your customers pay their invoices with a wide variety of payment methods and syncing all payments directly to your ERP.

Join k-ecommerce Solution Engineer Patrick Fusarini as we take an up-close look at k-ecommerce Payment Portal and Payment Extension!

  • Empower your customers with the freedom to pay invoices at their convenience, anytime and anywhere they want.
  • Integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP ensures speed and accuracy on every payment.
  • Flexible payment options let customers make full or partial payments, and even combine payment methods on a single payment.
  • Fully responsive across browsers and devices with customizable theme and logo.
  • Hosted in a PCI Certified private cloud environment for guaranteed security.
  • Much more!

Meet the speaker


Patrick Fusarini Solution Engineer, k-ecommerce

For 3 years, I have been proactively working with clients to provide solutions tailored to their needs. It is my role as a k-eCommerce Solution Engineer to understand a company's ecommerce goals and to help provide a strong solution through technical expertise. My affinity for problem solving is what drives me to entertain a concern with various solutions to determine the best outcome.


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