Are you ready for the future of B2B ecommerce?


Kickstart your planning with our e-commerce boot camp series for Microsoft Dynamics! Discover the best practices to stay in the running and be ready for the future of B2B ecommerce.

Join us as we take you through a 20-minute boot camp to help you prepare for the future of B2B ecommerce integrated with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

We believe that the future of ecommerce lies in three important aspects. So each week we will focus on a key area to help your business navigate the best practices for a solid e-commerce investment and we will conclude the series with a live k-ecommerce demo!

Customer Experience (UX) | Watch this recording

Self-Service | Watch this recording

Microsoft Dynamics Integration | Watch this recording

k-eCommerce Demo | Watch this recording




Patrick Fusarini

Patrick Fusarini
Solution Engineer, k-ecommerce

Peter Belanger

Peter Belanger
Business Development Manager, k-eCommerce