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2019 brings major tax changes in Sales Tax Compliance. Join k-eCommerce & Avalara to learn if your e-commerce business may be at risk.


Sales Tax Compliance just got more complicated in 2019 as more states, 30+ now including California in April, have established economic nexus laws. It’s time to prepare for the major sales tax changes taking effect across the country. Depending on what and where you sell, your e-commerce business will likely see some major shifts this year.

Sales Tax Compliance has always been a challenge for online businesses. Determining what to tax, how to tax it, what is and isn’t taxable, physical nexus, and exempt sales are just some of the difficulties.

Each state handles these issues differently, but with new legislation established in the South Dakota vs. Wayfair case, the Supreme Court has changed the long-standing ruling of physical nexus and grant South Dakota the state authority to impose sales tax obligations on out-of-state transactions creating economic nexus.

The manufacturing industry faces unique and specific challenges with sales tax compliance that makes managing this process difficult and puts your e-commerce business at risk. Sellers have a new set of obligations ahead of them, while states could potentially gain billions in revenue.

Join Andrew Kim, Director, Strategic Alliances for Microsoft and Avalara, and Ryan Burnham, Senior Solution Engineer for k-eCommerce on Tuesday, February 26 at 12:00 PM ET, as we explain what this means for sales tax compliance in 2019 and how the Avalara and k-eCommerce integration can help prepare your e-commerce business for the major tax changes taking effect across the United States.

You'll discover

  • How new sales tax nexus laws can impact your e-commerce business
  • Updates on the latest marketplace sales tax laws
  • New state-level taxability changes
  • The future of consumer use tax reporting requirements
  • Critical information for manufacturers with interstate e-commerce businesses

Meet the speakers


Ryan Burnham, Senior Solution Engineer, k-eCommerce

Ryan Burnham has spent the better part of the last decade working with people and companies to solve any issue that may come up. As a Solution Engineer, Ryan helps companies find the right solution for their e-commerce initiatives. Ryan has extensive knowledge of the e-commerce industry and specifically the B2B industry. With a strong technical background, he is adept at working through complex problems and finding solutions that have the customer's best interest at the forefront.


andrew kim

Andrew Kim, Director of Strategic Alliances, Avalara

Andrew Kim is a Director of Strategic Alliances at Avalara.  He has been with Avalara for 3 years and has over 12 years in sales and business development experience. Working with hundreds of companies across many industries, Andrew has helped partners, business owners, and finance professionals in maintaining compliance and leveraging best-practices across the organization.

Andrew received his MBA from University of Southern California and his BA in Economics and Sociology from University of California, Irvine.