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Webinar: Simplifying Sales Tax Compliance as Your E-Commerce Business Grows 

Wednesday, December 5th at 11 AM EST


Join k-eCommerce and the sales tax experts Avalara to learn strategies to meet complex sales tax obligations while saving time and money.

As the end of year approaches, you still have time for key investments to optimize your business operations online. E-commerce is becoming an increasingly vital component of modern business, with global e-commerce sales expected to break $4 trillion by 2021. This incredible opportunity is met by the equally great logistical complexity of doing business around the world… which in turn is answered by an integrated solution.

A Supreme Court case earlier this year (South Dakota vs. Wayfair) determined that states have the right to impose sales tax on purchases their residents make from out-of-state vendors, even if the vendor doesn’t have a physical location within the state.

So, if you do business out of state, or are even thinking of expanding your operations to the interstate level, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re charging the right sales tax or if you have obligations in those states.

Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complex. In fact, we have a very simple solution.

k-eCommerce provides an e-commerce platform that integrates with the heart of all your critical systems. Join us Wednesday, December 5th at 11 AM EST for a joint webinar with automated tax compliance experts, Avalara.

We’ll show you:

  • The significance of South Dakota vs. Wayfair for businesses in and out of state
  • How integrated e-commerce makes it easier than ever for your business to manage tax compliance
  • The most important tax-saving tips for companies of all sizes
  • And, more!

Meet the speakers


Ryan Burnham, Senior Solution Engineer, k-eCommerce

Ryan Burnham has spent the better part of the last decade working with people and companies to solve any issue that may come up. As a Solution Engineer, Ryan helps companies find the right solution for their e-commerce initiatives. Ryan has extensive knowledge of the e-commerce industry and specifically the B2B industry. With a strong technical background, he is adept at working through complex problems and finding solutions that have the customer's best interest at the forefront.


andrew kim

Andrew Kim, Director of Strategic Alliances, Avalara

Andrew Kim is a Director of Strategic Alliances at Avalara.  He has been with Avalara for 3 years and has over 12 years in sales and business development experience. Working with hundreds of companies across many industries, Andrew has helped partners, business owners, and finance professionals in maintaining compliance and leveraging best-practices across the organization.

Andrew received his MBA from University of Southern California and his BA in Economics and Sociology from University of California, Irvine.