k-ecommerce Test Environment

Push the boundaries of your online store without any risks

k-ecommerce test environment allows you to set up a sandbox to test the different features and configurations of the k-ecommerce platform before applying them to a live environment. It provides you with an exact duplicated environment of your webstore that can only be accessed by your internal team.

It provides an environment where you can be free to “play around” with the system and test new things while removing concerns of having your real data being altered.

How it works

Environment Setup:
k-ecommerce connects a test environment to your designated ERP company or test ERP company. An exact copy of the existing production site will be used to create the test environment.

When you are ready to update your live environment with the data from the test environment, simply advise our support team.

Data Refresh Process:
You can request a test environment data refresh without any additional charges. Our Support team will copy the production web store over the test web store. The test store will be completely overwritten and all configurations and data elements will become a copy of the production environment.

Safely explore new ecommerce experiences

  • Give your team the freedom to test new features and fine tune their conception before implementing them publicly
  • Be sure that running tests will not interfere with real-life information
  • Prevent reporting and forecasts to be affected by “false data” due to test orders and customers
  • Protecting revenue stream
  • Avoiding down-time

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