k-ecommerce Single Sign-On

Eliminate the need for multiple passwords

As the plethora of SaaS applications available continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of all our different usernames and passwords. k-ecommerce Single Sign-On (SSO) uses a web service to allow customers to be automatically logged into your k-ecommerce online store when they are connected to another third-party website.

It simplifies your customer' shopping experience and increases the level of security. As there are fewer passwords being used, there are fewer passwords that can be potentially compromised and you are also less tempted to use the same password everywhere!

Improve your user experience with single sign-on

The SSO module is highly secure. It can only be used for third-party website that you have clearly identify beforehand. The module can be used to log users into k-ecommerce, but cannot be used to log users into the Admin section of the website.

If the user session has timed out or if a user accesses a secured page directly without being logged in (for example by clicking on a favorite), k-ecommerce will redirect the user back to the third-party website.

Achieve more with healthier password hygiene

  • Decrease password fatigue
  • Simplify customers username and password management
  • Reduce helpdesk calls for password resets
  • Remove a potential hurdle to impulsive buying
  • Limit security threats for customers as there are less user credential at risk

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