The Ultimate E-Commerce Guide for Food & Beverage Companies:

6 Ways to Level Up Your Business with ERP-Integrated E-Commerce


Pandemic-driven online sales made food and beverage one of the fastest-growing e-commerce category in 2020. Post pandemic, certain changes in consumer behaviour and digital investment will persist. How will an industry previously slow to adopt e-commerce meet these shopper expectations?

This e-book will show you 6 ways to level up your business with ERP-integrated e-commerce while building sustainable revenues, boost loyalty and engagement, and increase cost savings. We will also cover the following challenges within the market while providing tactical ways to overcome them:

  • Competition from major retailers and direct-to-consumer (DTC) businesses
  • High fulfillment costs
  • Surges in online traffic (scalability)
  • Rising shopper expectations about easy and convenient shopping
  • Automation logistics
  • Fluctuating prices that require quick decisions
  • Limited development resources for deployment and maintenance

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