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Easy online payments for your customers

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Empower your customers

with the freedom to pay their bills online with Payment Portal for Microsoft Dynamics.

What is Payment Portal?

Payment Portal is a flexible, secure online self-service payment platform that lets your customers pay their invoices whenever and wherever they want. Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP sends credit card, Automated Clearing House/Electronic Funds Transfer and credit memo payments straight to your ERP the second they’re processed.

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Empower your customers

Online payment made easy

Convenient and fast

  • Supports multiple Payment Gateways
    Payment Portal integrates with a growing list of payment gateways including Authorize.net and Bambora.
  • PCI-DSS Certified
    The solution is hosted in a PCI Level 1-certified environment to ensure secure payment for your customers.
  • Fully Responsive
    Bills can be viewed and paid from any device.
  • 24/7 Self-Service
    Customers log in and make their payments online anytime, anywhere, with no support needed from your end.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration
    Real-time communication between your payment solution and your ERP ensures speed and accuracy on every transaction.
  • Customizable Design
    Select and customize your payment site’s logo and theme to fit your company’s branding.
  • Get Paid Faster
    Minimize payment turnaround and keep your customers coming back by making it easier to do business online.
  • k-eCommerce Not Required
    Use Payment Portal with or without a k-eCommerce web store.
  • Versatile Payment Methods
    Accepts all major credit cards, ACH/EFT, credit memos, even unapplied prior payments.
  • Flexible Payment Options
    Customers can make full or partial payments on one or more invoices in the same transaction, and even combine payment methods on a single payment.

Partner payment portal

with an integrated k-eCommerce web store and revolutionize your online channels.

  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Rich multimedia product catalog
  • Responsive, professionally-designed themes
  • User-friendly Content Management System
  • Built-in customer and self-service capabilities
  • Flexible, multi-level pricing
  • Integration with Google Analytics
Partner Payment Portal with an integrated k-eCommerce web store and revolutionize your online channels.

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