Electronic Transaction Processing

Simplify payment processing by capturing secure credit card payments directly from your ERP.

k-ecommerce Integrated Payment is a PCI-certified credit card and electronic transaction service that provides secure payment processing with your ERP. Payment Extension supports all major cards as well as bank transfers, letting you process all transaction types right from your ERP’s sales document screen, and making purchases convenient and secure for your customers and your business.

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Electronic transactions like Automated Clearing House and Electronic Funds Transfer move more than $40 trillion per year.

Source: www.nacha.org


All-in-One Payment Processing
Process all transaction types with no need for credit card machines or other hardware, giving your team more agility for business on the go.

Get Paid Faster
Seamless ERP integration means efficient, productive transaction processing directly from your ERP. Completed payments are only a few clicks away.

Simplify Bank Reconciliation
Accept and process payments from any sales channel, online or off, with no need for manual entry and no risk of error.

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Key Features

for Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • ERP Integration
    Manage all credit card transactions directly through the sales document window in your ERP.
  • PCI Security
    All transactions are processed and all payment information is stored in the PCI Level 1 Certified k-ecommerce Environment, ensuring the security of your customers’ data.
  • Versatile Payment Processing
    Works with all major credit cards including Visa and MasterCard as well as ACH / EFT bank transfer payments.
  • Pre-Authorization Uplift
    Increase pre-authorizations by small amounts when needed, for instance if you anticipate additional fees.
  • Smart User Interface
    The dynamic, contextual user interface updates in real time with relevant data based on the windows and records you’re looking at in your ERP.
  • Batch Processing
    Process large volumes of credit card orders quickly and efficiently with batch processing.
  • Enhanced Customer Service
    Manage customer payment methods, create transactions based on these payment methods, and manage past transactions.
  • Secure Card Data Link
    If customers don’t want to give credit card information over the phone, you can email them a secure link to add their card info.
  • Early Payment Discounts
    Includes any early payment discounts applied in your ERP when defining the full amount of the transaction.
  • Swipe Payment Cards
    Connect to a card reader and you can swipe payment cards to add new card information.
  • Deposit on Order
    Take a deposit out on orders for either a percentage or the full amount of the order.
  • Payment Notification Email
    Send a payment notification email advising customers of the amount due with a secure link which they can use to make a payment. (Coming soon.)
  • Process Transactions on Posted Invoices
    Process transactions on invoices even after they have been posted, for example if a slow bank transfer is declined. (Coming soon.)
  • Update Card Information by Email
    Email customers a secure link they can use to update their credit card information. (Coming soon.)
    k-ecommerce Integrated Payment is built on the same ERP-integrated foundation as our e-commerce solution, expanding the self-service and customer service payment options available to your clients across all channels.

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