Payment Extension

Credit card processing for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Simplify payment processing

by giving your employees a way to capture secure credit card payments.

What is Payment Extension?

k-eCommerce Payment Extension is a PCI-certified credit card transaction service that provides secure credit card processing with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Supporting all transaction types, it allows you to complete transactions right from your ERP’s sales document screen, making credit card purchases convenient and secure for your customers and your business.

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Simplify payment processing

Your all-in-one

Credit card sales solution

  • Total Compatibility
    Payment Extension works with all major credit cards including Visa and Mastercard.
  • Total Functionality
    Payment Extension handles all card transaction types including authorization, post-authorization, sale, void, and credit.
  • Total Security
    All transactions are processed in the PCI Level 1 Certified k-eCommerce PCI Environment, ensuring the security of your customers’ cardholder data.
  • Total Integration
    Manage all credit card transactions directly through the sales document window in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Total Accessibility
    Add and view all cards and bank accounts associated with a customer along with their full transaction history.
  • k-eCommerce Not Required
    Use Payment Extension with or without a k-eCommerce web store.

Partner payment extension

with an integrated k-eCommerce web store and revolutionize your online channels.

  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Rich multimedia product catalog
  • Responsive, professionally-designed themes
  • User-friendly Content Management System
  • Built-in customer and self-service capabilities
  • Flexible, multi-level pricing
  • Integration with Google Analytics
Partner Payment Portal with an integrated k-eCommerce web store and revolutionize your online channels.

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