k-ecommerce partner program

Earn generous commission rates and recurring incentives while providing your clients
a state-of-the-art ecommerce solution as a k-ecommerce partner

Start earning now

with a partnership program designed for you

Offer your clients an ecommerce solution trusted by thousands of businesses

  • Launch an ecommerce website quickly with minimum up-front investment.
  • Implement full-scale web store functionality right out of the box.
  • Automate business operations with industry-leading integration to major ERPs.
  • Define your website’s look with a Content Management System (CMS) built for non-technical staff.
  • Protect customer data with full PCI certification.
  • Harness Cloud technology for maximum speed, storage, and security.

“k-ecommerce is our go-to
partner and solution for all things

Bryan L. Wilton, Columbus Global, Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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Join leading solution integrators and value-added resellers as a k-ecommerce partner

  • Earn a generous commission rate on one-time revenue from your first deal.
  • From your second deal, earn higher commission rates and recurring revenue for as long as you meet your yearly new sales minimum. We’ll even top up your previous deal with the new rate difference!
  • Work with a dedicated Business Development Manager to support your sales and marketing efforts.
  • After 5 deals, your commission rates increase exponentially.
  • Missed your minimum yearly requirement? No problem! You can earn your recurring revenues back the following year.

How much do you want to earn?

Minimum Yearly Deals
One-Time Incentives
Solution Start-up Costs
Implementation Services
Branding Services
Custom Development
Recurring Incentives
Ongoing Solution Fees
Ongoing Custom Development Fees

Level 1


One Time Incentives 
Solution Start-up Costs15%
Implementation Services15%
Branding Services15%
Custom Development2%
Recurring Incentives 
Ongoing Solution Fees-%
Ongoing Custom Development Fees-%

Level 2


One Time Incentives 
Solution Start-up Costs20%
Implementation Services20%
Branding Services20%
Custom Development4%
Recurring Incentives 
Ongoing Solution Fees20%
Ongoing Custom Development Fees4%

Level 3


One Time Incentives 
Solution Start-up Costs30%
Implementation Services30%
Branding Services30%
Custom Development8%
Recurring Incentives 
Ongoing Solution Fees30%
Ongoing Custom Development Fees8%

Certain conditions apply for a partner to earn incentives:

  • A new opportunity must be registered under the partner’s name. Please email kEncEmailtbmftAl.fdpnnfsdf/dpn to identify your lead. k-ecommerce can refuse to pay incentives for opportunities previously identified in our CRM.
  • Your client must acknowledge k-ecommerce’s standard proposal and terms, and commit to the solution for a minimum of one (1) year.
  • One-time incentives are paid within 30 days of the solution go-live date, provided that k-ecommerce has received the client’s payment.
  • Incentives on recurring revenue, and top-up incentives on one-time revenue (i.e. increase of commission rates on deals previously signed while at Level 1 or Level 2) are paid within 30 days of a calendar year-end.

To qualify for Level 2 and Level 3 incentives:

  • k-ecommerce and Partner must enter into a partnership agreement.
  • k-ecommerce must be listed on your website as an ecommerce solution partner, in a manner approved by k-ecommerce.
  • Partner must provide sales training for k-ecommerce solutions, using resources provided by k-ecommerce.
  • Sales of k-ecommerce solutions must count towards quota attainment of Partner’s sales staff and be commissionable.
  • Partner must actively engage with k-ecommerce in sales and marketing activities designed to generate leads and reach Partner’s customer base and market.
  • Other conditions may apply.