k-ecommerce Multi-User Management

What is Multi-User Management?

Multi-user approval allows you to set up a chain of command for approving or denying orders that fall outside of normal purchase rules.

  • Set up a chain of command for approving or denying orders
  • Create and design role-based permissions for employees with different levels of access
  • Establish purchase rules for each level of approval:
    • Minimum/maximum order value
    • Category and shipping address restrictions
    • Restrictions on the number of orders

The exception to every rule

Let’s say your purchase rules require a minimum order of $100, and the customer has only added $95 of merchandise to their cart. In this case, the order will require approval. Since your store manager knows the customer, they approve the order.

Later, an order comes in for $45. This is a new customer, and the manager wants to make the sale, but because the order is much lower than the purchase rule, the manager needs you, the owner, to approve the purchase instead.

With k-ecommerce Multi-User Management, you have the flexibility to build complex, dynamic approval workflows that fit your specific business needs.

Your store. Your rules. Your workflows.

k-ecommerce Multi-User Management simplifies order approval for businesses of all sizes, scaling up with you as your customer relationships expand and deepen with growth.

Minimize complications and wasted time by defining user approval workflows.

Mitigate risk and avoid unauthorized order errors and redundancies from purchase mistakes.

Provide your company and team the autonomy to manage their business segments.

Cater to larger customers with more sophisticated buying habits.

Manage product offerings and verticals by users within a company.

Facilitate multiple buyers' experiences with shared purchase lists and multiple shipping addresses within a company.

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