k-ecommerce Multi-Site Management

Streamline Your Brands & Websites

Create unique online experiences for all your brands

If you are managing multiple brands or websites, k-ecommerce Multi-Site Management might interest you. It allows you to operate multiple ecommerce sites efficiently and create unique experiences for your different brands.

This module provides the easiest setup for integrating multiple online stores to your ERP or implementing additional URLs to an existing k-ecommerce system. k-ecommerce Multi-Site Management matches your back-end setup so that multiple websites can integrate to a single ERP. It ensures that your customers get the right information associated to the proper company and reduces manual data entry and errors.

Gain maximum awareness for your brands

k-ecommerce Multi-Site Management helps you promote awareness and trust for your specific brands or product lines.

Give each brand its own website and unique branding (color scheme, logo, etc.).

Target select audiences and customer groups by creating a website specifically for them

Use specific content, imaging, and product offerings to personalize the experience even further

Ideal for running both B2B and B2C

Separating your B2B and B2C websites can offer many advantages. It allows you to add more reseller-focused content, slider images and web pages on your B2B site while maintaining more retail-focused content on your B2C site.

Choose the best option for your business

For a single-company setup

  • Multiple sites integrate to the same ERP for maximum efficiency and fastest go-to-market time
  • A single synchronization service is required
  • A single admin site is used to configure all the individual sites

For a multi-company setup

  • Multiple websites are connecting to separate databases within the same ERP
  • A synchronization service is required for each individual site
  • A separate admin site is used to configure each individual site

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