k-ecommerce FAQ

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Product Features: The Basics

k-ecommerce is unique in many ways including:
  • Tight integration with Microsoft Dynamics® AX, GP, NAV and CRM as well as SAP® Business One. All orders are created in the ERP in real time. Entry of settings, products and other information only needs to be done once.
  • Easy-to-maintain catalogs. You can manage your entire inventory from a spreadsheet view with the ability to set filters to create subsets of inventory for a specific audience.
  • Flexible branding. Every web store has a different layout and design based on customer needs.
  • Custom development. We provide custom solutions for Microsoft Dynamics® and SAP® Business One users.
  • Skinnable technology. Every website requires a unique look and feel. Often the effort and cost to meet the requirement for a new look and feel of a website can be substantial. k-ecommerce uses skinnable technology to enable businesses to quickly build and deploy a feature-rich ecommerce storefront. An intuitive, easy-to-use interface allows users to easily create or update sites. Branding can easily be done by applying skins to the site.
  • Extendable platform. k-ecommerce has a rich set of features and functionalities available for immediate deployment.
  • Configurable application. k-ecommerce provides a single point of login for ecommerce users, B2B administrators, salespeople, and site administrators, so there is not a separate URL to remember or bookmark. k-ecommerce is configurable to meet a variety of different applications. A web store can be configured as any combination of B2C, B2B, Sales Portal or Online Catalog.

Business-to-Consumer. This solution provides a web store that sells directly to consumers.

Business-to-Business. This helps your employees manage your web store.

Sales Portal. Employees can place orders, update customer info, and send out invoices all from a web store.

Online Bill Pay. Customers can login to a B2B site can pay their bills online 24/7.

Product Features: Customization

With k-ecommerce, every web store has a different layout and design, based on customer needs. Instead of being locked into a template, you can brand and customize your site based on your requirements. Your web store can even be built using the same look and feel of your existing website by replicating your existing branding elements.

k-ecommerce provides the ability to link items together in order to promote cross selling and upselling. You can show similar products, accessories and / or replacement or substitution products with any product listing. This gives your customer easy access to the additional products they should consider.
With k-ecommerce, you can configure User Specific Catalogs at the site level, customer level or user level. With this feature, you can:
  • Control what products can be seen by a user on the web store
  • Show products individually by catalog
  • Merge products together so it is transparent to the user that separate catalogs are shown.

Product Features: Shopping Experience for Customers

Yes. If you have products that customers can download, such as MP3, WAV, PDF and HTML files, the products can be downloaded after payment is received. You can also set the maximum number of times a file can be downloaded and a download expiration.
With k-ecommerce Linked Attributes, you can group similar inventory items together. Rather than seeing the same product listed individually with just minor variations (e.g. size, color, brand, etc.), the entire group of products will be shown together for easier shopping.
Yes. With the Saved Cart (or Wish List feature), users can save items in their shopping carts for purchase at a later time. They can use this functionality to reorder products as well. There is no limit to the number of shopping carts a user can save.
k-ecommerce has multiple ways to help streamline online order processing including:
  • Express Order. This allows users to enter item numbers and quantities desired into a text box, then after validating they are correct, all the items can be added to the shopping cart in one click.
  • Saved Cart. Saving items to a shopping cart will allow users to logout, then when they login again, they can either checkout, add more items, remove items or resume shopping.
  • Reorder from past orders. This allows users to see frequently bought items. From there, with just one click, they can add that same item back to the cart. Orders can also be scheduled to reoccur. This is great for B2B users.
k-ecommerce allows customers to search for items on the site. Searches can be done by Item number or item description, products can be filtered by attributes as well.

Product Features: Other Questions

Yes. k-ecommerce supports coupons and promotions such as markdowns or free shipping. Promotions are quite flexible depending on your needs:
  • Promotions can be offered to all customers or can be coupon driven.
  • Limits can be set for item quantities that can be purchased under a particular promotion.
  • If you are using k-ecommerce Sales Portal, employees can override prices or select another price from the established price list for an item.
k-ecommerce has the ability to calculate the appropriate freight charges for an order using a real-time interface to UPS, FedEx, USPS, Purolator and Canada Post web services. Shipping rates can be uplifted to include additional charges or markups to cover over pack, etc.
k-ecommerce uses tax tables and can work with anyone that has an available API tax. Integration with Avalara or CCH is also an option.
UPS, FedEx, USPS, Purolator and Canada Post.
Customers can manage seamless online returns with our Returns Management feature. Once the customer submits the return request from the website, the return information is readily available in the ERP. The customer service representative will immediately have the customer information, the product requested for return, the quantity requested for return and a reason code. This is all of the information necessary to begin the return process.
Users have the ability to view detailed information about their account including: invoices, orders, quotes, credits, debits, payments, returns and backorders.

Product Features: The Basics

To help improve SEO, k-ecommerce has a built-in utility that configures the page title, keywords, and the meta data of your website’s dynamic HTML pages.
k-ecommerce can show/hide inventory details, this includes the number of items in stock, on hand, or not displayed. An out-of-stock option or a custom message such as “item will ship 10 days after purchase” is an alternative to just showing a number.

Credit Card Processing and Billing

k-ecommerce supports the following methods of payment:
  • Major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
  • PayPal integration interface with k-ecommerce.
  • Bank transfers (ACH, EFT)
  • Payment on net terms
Yes. Companies with the Online Bill Pay feature can accept payments via cash, check or credit card from a secure online portal.
Yes. Sales reps can accept cash, credit card and check payments through Sales Portal.
Yes, there are a number of features that k-ecommerce has to prevent credit card fraud:
  • Supports AVS (Address Verification Service) to obtain better credit card processing rates.
  • Supports CVV2 (Card Verification Value) to reduce risk of fraud.
  • Supports Level 2 and Level 3 verification
  • Provides industry-leading fraud prevention options.
  • Allows the use of a fraud prevention module, provided by the Gateway, thus allowing discounted processing rates.
  • Auto hold sales documents option.
  • Real time verification.
  • Encryption of credit card numbers.
k-ecommerce supports the following gateways:
  • Authorize.net
  • Beanstream
  • Chase Paymentech
  • Moneris
  • Optimal Payments
  • PayPal
We are PCI Compliant, which is a sign for the merchant that we have passed the requirements to be seen as a safe and secured payment processing solution provider.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP

k-ecommerce is very tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics® and SAP® Business One. Many traditional web stores work with Microsoft Dynamics® and SAP® Business One, but they are built on a separate database; k-ecommerce is built and architected on top of your ERP. This means you can make changes to Microsoft Dynamics® and SAP® Business One and all changes are dynamically reflected in the various environments. The result? This architecture greatly simplifies the management and maintenance of your web store and does not require duplications of efforts.
No. Other ecommerce solutions require you to sync information between your ERP and your web store, the sales portal and the back office via periodic or batch updates, but k-ecommerce is architected so all changes made to any of these environments are automatically made in Microsoft Dynamics® or SAP® Business One.
Each of the sites provided by k-ecommerce can have multiple web stores based on one Microsoft Dynamics® or SAP® Business One company.
Yes. SQL message queuing will push the messages through without a problem.

Technical Requirements

Implementation and Training

Your site can go live in just days. Get started now.
k-ecommerce provides one year support for every software purchase. This plan includes the following services:
  • Phone Support
  • Email Support
  • GoToMeeting Support
  • Ongoing product update communication materials
We believe in training the customer, so key people at your organization have the necessary skills to make simple or repetitive changes to your websites without requiring the services of professional web developers or architects.
Yes. We have staff to help both design your web store and install it.
Q. How do I get information about product upgrades?
Product updates can be found on our website as well as through our newsletter sent via email. Subscribe here.


Cost of an ecommerce environment depends upon:
  • How much functionality the end user is looking for?
  • What type of website (B2B, B2C, sales portal, or all 3)?
  • Will you be taking payments online?
  • What features are needed?
Contact our sales team for more information about pricing.
No. Sales portal is designed to have unlimited sales reps taking orders. In many cases, this allows for less ERP user seats and thus less cost for the end users.

Additional Information

You can call us at 734-928-6010 or email us at sales@k-ecommerce.com
Absolutely. Please complete an online form or call 734-928-6010.
You can always call us at 734-928-6010 or email us at sales@k-ecommerce.com with any questions. If you prefer to find information online, check out our resource center where you can read case studies, white papers and more. Click here for the resource center.