Breakthrough the barriers to growing your business!

There are hundreds of obstacles to growing a business, and while we don’t have enough time to tackle them all, our upcoming un-seminar on breaking through the barriers to growth will help business owners take on some of the more challenging ones.

Vision33, SAP, Avalara, k-eCommerce and several other business application developers have put together an educational (no product pitches here), four-hour program, to help business owners and managers find new ways to conquer obstacles to growth. You’ll come away with ways to expand your business and how to deal with the complications presented by:

  • E-commerce
  • Inventory and fulfillment
  • The taxes associated with expanding
  • The marketing necessary to grow

Our keynote speaker for these events is Samantha Stone, author of Unleash Possible and a noted speaker and consultant for sales and marketing in complex environments. “Samantha is a shot of adrenaline to any organization across the board…. Her high-energy, high value advice is both practical and pragmatic – you can actually make a difference to your business.”

The Un-seminar will be taking place in 15 city areas – from Baltimore to Boston – during September and October. For more information, visit . Admission is $25 and includes lunch.


Use code Kecommerce100 to claim your FREE ticket!


9/10/19Providence, RI
9/11/19Andover, MA
9/12/19Worcester, MA
9/17/19Allentown, PA
9/18/19Harrisburg, PA
9/19/19Scranton, PA
10/8/19Springfield, MA (a.m.)
10/8/19Hartford, CT (p.m.)
10/9/19Fairfield, CT
10/10/19Albany, NY
10/14/19Dover, DE
10/15/19Baltimore, MD
10/22/19Wilmington, DE
10/23/19Edison, NJ
10/24/19Newark, NJ

Meet the speakers!

David Strausser
General Manager, Northeast, Vision33
Samantha Stone
Author, Unleash Possible
Ryan Ortiz
Business Development Manager

The Northeast Growth Show is presented by Vision33 and sponsored by SAP, Avalara, BoyumIT, k-eCommerce, Century Business Solutions, and Integrim.