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Dig deeper into your integrated eCommerce solution

For a deeper look into the features of our complete eCommerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics® and SAP® Business One, review the following data sheets.

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Product Functionalities Data Sheets

Business-to-Business eCommerce
Business-to-Consumer eCommerce
Customer Service / Sales Portal eCommerce

k-eCommerce Features Data Sheets


Bank Transfer (ACH, EFT): Accept these payment types securely from your web store.

Carrier Freight Calculator: Calculate UPS, FedEx, USPS, Purolator and Canada Post shipping rates based on the weight of products being ordered.

Cloud API: Take control of your web store; pass and pull data from the k-eCommerce Cloud to develop our solution in a way that best suits your business.

Complementary Products: Link similar items for display on the item detail page to encourage cross selling and upselling and to highlight related items and accessories.

Coupons: Support coupons on your web store; offer quantity breaks and other discounts.

Credit Card Extension: Process credit card and ACH/eCheck transactions securely within Microsoft Dynamics® GP.

Credit Card Payment: Accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover securely from your web store.

Development Toolkit: An array of tools that help you with the custom development of your web store, should you choose to do so.

Digital Goods: Offer digital goods to customers who will be prompted with a download screen after completing a purchase. All file types are supported.

Drop Shipping: Send orders to Microsoft Dynamics® with items automatically marked for drop shipment from the vendor to the customer.

Email Marketing: Using a 5-step wizard, create targeted newsletters or promotional flyers. Visitors are able to subscribe to these from your website.

Express Order: Enter item numbers and quantities into a form manually or with CSV files to expedite ordering.

Facebook Store: Import inventory and pricing automatically from your web store to Facebook to easily reach another outlet for selling online.

File Collaboration: Store important files in one location accessible by anyone with an Internet connection and the necessary credentials.

Filters / Power Search: Refine search results based on certain attributes, such as price, brand, color or size.

Gift Card: Sell, redeem and reload gift cards on your website.

Guest Checkout: Customers can make purchases quick and easy without creating an account.

Inventory Management: Manage and update product quantities in real time in your web store.

Linked Attributes: Present a large number of SKUs under a single product listing. Allow customers to choose available options from dropdown menus.

Live Chat: Offer better support to customers through live chat on your website.

Loyalty Points: An incentive program; assign point values to various activities, like reviews, for customers to earn and then use to apply towards purchases rather than using traditional payment methods.

Multilanguage / Multicurrency: Reach an international market online by offering multilingual content and accepting payments from multiple currencies.

Multilevel Order Approval: Define how orders are approved in various stages prior to fulfillment.

Multi-Store: Link multiple stores from one Microsoft Dynamics® database.

One Page Checkout: Speedup the checkout process by placing all required fields on one secure page.

Online Marketplace Integration: Feed inventory and pricing from your web store to Amazon and eBay to increase product visibility and take advantage of multiple outlets for selling online.

Online Bill Pay Bundle: View, print and pay open invoices by credit card or ACH/eCheck online with integration to Microsoft Dynamics® GP.

Payment On Account: Customers can make purchases using “terms” payment as an option reading from Microsoft Dynamics®.

Private Sales: Create a restricted site for promotions or custom catalogs for select users only.

Product Comparison: View like products side-by-side to compare features and pricing.

Product Review: Allows customers to add reviews and rate items. Items can be searched by highest rating.

Punchout Integration: An e-procurement protocol between your web store and a buyer’s procurement application that allows communication to take place between the two entities in the form of XML or different file types. Communication to another ERP can also take place.

Responsive Web Design: Make your website adaptable to all screen sizes; content, images, menus, etc., will organize automatically to display in a user-friendly way no matter what type of device is used. It is also optimized for touch responsiveness.

Returns Management: Allows customers to apply for a return at any time right from your web store.

SEO Management: Customize title tags and meta descriptions; create short URLs. This feature integrates with Google Analytics to improve conversion rates.

Social Interaction: Customers have the ability to share your products on social networks.

Single Sign-on (SSO): Log in one time to gain access to all systems without the need to sign in multiple times.

Store Locator: Users can find physical locations that display on a map with the ability to filter by distance.

User Specific Catalog: Show product offerings/unique catalogs to specific customers.

Web Analytics: Monitor/research customer shopping behavior to better understand how your web store is navigated. Integrates with Google Analytics.

Wishlists / Saved Carts: Save items in a shopping cart or wishlist that can be accessed later for purchase.

Single Sign-on (SSO): Log in one time to gain access to all systems without the need to sign in multiple times.