• The cost of an eCommerce Solution

The Cost of an eCommerce Solution

Innovative products, superb customer service and a team of industry experts: the key to your success online.


k-eCommerce is on the cutting-edge of eCommerce technology. Our enterprise omni-channel eCommerce solution has all the tools you need to enable customers to navigate smoothly through your online product catalog, find what they are looking for and then proceed through checkout. Our solution is customizable and available on premise or hosted in our PCI Certified private cloud. Our product offers significant value, flexibility and scalability. As your business grows, you can rest assured that our solution will grow with you. k-eCommerce will reduce the pains associated with building an online store while reducing your overall business expenses and increasing revenue through greater market reach.

k-eCommerce pricing is based on several components, depending on what each unique business needs. We offer cloud hosting and licensed versions of our eCommerce solution. All of these factors have been put in place to assure we meet your needs as best we can.

When it comes to customer service, k-eCommerce strives to work with each customer to ensure all needs are fulfilled. Our customers know our team by name and we reciprocate that same relationship. With a dedication to our customers’ continued success online and further developing innovative solutions, k-eCommerce is the go-to eCommerce platform for your business.

Please give our sales team a call to discuss your specific business needs so we can develop your own personalized quote. The team can be reached by calling 734-928-6010 or via email at kEncEmailtbmftAl.fdpnnfsdf/dpn.

To see a live demo of the solution, also contact our sales team using the information above.