ERP-integrated ecommerce for manufacturing

Ecommerce transforms manufacturing businesses with high product visibility and enhanced customer relationships

Industry 4.0 meets integrated ecommerce

  • Industry 4.0 and the emergence of the smart factory mark a shift in the manufacturing industry toward autonomous, data-driven technologies. ERP-integrated ecommerce takes this to the next logical step, automating many of the critical business processes involved in selling online.

    Business customers increasingly expect the independence and self-service of the business-to-consumer (B2C) experience. This gives a hefty competitive advantage to companies with an ecommerce channel, as 43% of B2B clients would rather purchase online directly from manufacturers than third-party resellers.

    43% of B2B clients would rather purchase online directly from manufacturers than third-party resellers

    ERP-integrated ecommerce provides the efficiency manufacturers need to meet this demand, automating large-volume order processing and connecting directly to inventory, accounting, and logistics for simplified, accurate fulfillment across every channel. Interested in getting an ROI assessment for your food and beverage business?

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Whitaker Brothers' digital evolution

"With the website and k-ecommerce, we’re now known throughout the world as a leader of both selling and servicing top-name products."

-John Brown, Internet & National Sales Manager, Whitaker Brothers

Founded in 1945 as a paper shredder and binder equipment company, Whitaker Brothers scaled their business to industry leadership with an ERP-integrated k-ecommerce web store.

Manufacturers evolve with k-ecommerce

The B2B ecommerce opportunity for the manufacturing sector

Smart factory, direct sales

Smart factory, direct sales

Pair smart manufacturing technologies with a smart ecommerce platform that offers instant, single-view access to order, inventory, pricing and customer data, positioning your company to sell directly to B2B clients and provide the strongest possible customer support.

  • Comprehensive up-to-date business data
  • Around-the-clock customer self-service
  • Give B2B clients a B2C buying experience
  • Full-scale customer service capabilities

Personalize per client

An ecommerce solution integrated to your ERP makes it easy to offer your clients a personalized product catalog as well as individually-negotiated pricing associated with their accounts in your B2B web store.

  • Define catalogs at the customer level
  • Complex, multi-level pricing supported
  • Flexible customer and group promotions
  • Client order history and frequent orders
Personalize per client

Cross-sell and upsell

Cross-sell and upsell

Companies deploying targeted cross-sell and upsell strategies as part of an omnichannel experience enjoy higher average orders. Extensive cross-sell and upsell capabilities recommend products based on past purchases and items customers have browsed, automatically offering replacement parts and accessories for products that have them.

  • Product recommendations based on similar items
  • Substitute products when an item is out of stock
  • Create kits to bundle frequently-purchased-together products
  • In-stock email alerts

Access new markets

Online channels facilitate connection to multiple B2B and B2C markets. Massive product offerings with thousands of SKUs become simple to manage with an ERP-integrated platform, even as powerful search filters and browsing options create unprecedented visibility for your entire catalog. This connects your clients even faster to the products they’re looking for, allowing you to sell, expand, and scale up quickly.

  • Inventory updates automated through integration
  • Search filters by brand, attribute, SKU and more
  • Batch product import and export
  • Flexible category structure for intuitive browsing
Access new markets

Optimized Efficiency

Optimized Efficiency

An ecommerce platform integrated to your ERP will optimize your efficiency and ultimately lower your operational costs, saving you time and money even as your manufacturing business grows.

  • Speed up order processing
  • Eliminate error
  • Seamless integration with tax solutions like Avalara
  • Quick, accurate shipping rates with carrier integration

k-ecommerce for your business

As experts in B2B ecommerce solutions integrated with Microsoft Dynamics and SAP Business One, k-ecommerce offers a platform perfect for bringing your manufacturing business to the web.

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