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E-commerce lets businesses in the food and beverage industry grab a bigger share of the market as more customers order meals and shop for groceries online.

The future of the food and beverage industry

  • The food and beverage industry is at a turning point as companies of all sizes, business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) alike, are increasingly moving toward the online market to meet a growing customer demand. Shoppers have come to expect speed, convenience, and transparency on issues like sourcing and nutritional value, and e-commerce positions businesses to deliver all three.

    On the one hand, innovative new companies entering the market are able to engage with rapidly-shifting trends by using flexible, scalable e-commerce solutions. On the other, major players in the industry are developing online channels of their own in order to stay competitive, retain control of their market share and expand even further.

    10% In some markets, titans like General Mills are already seeing 10% of their sales occurring online, and by 2022, online grocery shopping is expected to be a $100 billion business.

    In some markets, titans like General Mills are already seeing 10% of their sales occurring online, and by 2022, online grocery shopping is expected to be a $100 billion business. There's no question that e-commerce is the future of the food and beverage industry, but developing an e-commerce channel now allows companies to promote and differentiate their brand well ahead of the curve.

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LorAnn Oils ERP sells for them

"We are seeing more activity on the website... we probably see close to 200 new retail users a week, and we're adding in about 30 business customers per week."

-Barbara Gillett, IT Manager, LorAnn Oils

LorAnn Oils revolutionized their ordering process, expanded their client base and experienced remarkable growth by switching to an integrated k-eCommerce solution.

Food and beverage evolves with k-eCommerce

The B2B and B2C e-commerce opportunity for the food and beverage sector

Evolve with the industry

Evolve with the industry

From startups to long-standing industry leaders, food and beverage businesses everywhere are adopting online channels to remain competitive. Within just a few years, e-commerce is projected to account for a major percentage of global food sales.

  • Online grocery shopping is projected to reach $100 billion by 2022
  • 36% of all sales in speciality food and beverage happen online
  • 64% of successful businesses already have an e-commerce channel
  • E-commerce strategies benefit B2B and B2C businesses alike

Realize untapped growth

According to Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo, e-commerce is the “next great revolution” in the food and beverage industry. Taking your business online creates an incredible opportunity for growth that more traditional brick-and-mortar competitors can’t access.

  • Customers place orders anytime, anywhere
  • Self-service capabilities reduce the burden on your staff as orders increase
  • E-commerce with an ERP integration simplifies local, national, and international sales
  • Built-in multilingual and multi-currency support
Realize untapped growth

Build customer loyalty

Build customer loyalty

Food and beverage shoppers are used to buying clothes, music and more online, so they like being able to buy meals and groceries, too. Taking your business to the web gives your customers the speed, convenience, and transparency they want, and keeps them coming back.

  • ERP-integrated e-commerce automates order processing
  • Find-a-store functionality brings customers to your door
  • Robust, media-rich product pages provide detailed information
  • Personalized coupons, promotions, and loyalty points

Differentiate your brand

Ben Rudman of SDR Ventures calls competitive differentiation the biggest challenge facing the food and beverage industry. ERP-integrated e-commerce helps you to define, differentiate, and promote your brand by harnessing the power of the worldwide web.

  • Maximize brand visibility with search engine optimization tools
  • Craft a unique, enjoyable user experience
  • Connect with customers through user reviews, social media and more
  • Differentiate your business with product and supply chain transparency
Differentiate your brand

Optimize your operations

Optimize your operations

An ERP-integrated e-commerce platform automates critical enterprise operations, ultimately lowering your costs and making it easier for you to do business online even as your sales increase.

  • Real-time order processing and invoicing
  • Automated inventory management
  • Comprehensive, instant-access customer data
  • Update pricing through a single, unified system

for your business

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