Ecommerce solutions for distribution

As B2B clients increasingly seek a B2C-style self-service buying experience, ERP-integrated ecommerce is becoming a critical component to success in the distribution sector.

Distributors and ecommerce

  • Amazon, eBay, and the meteoric rise of B2C ecommerce in the retail world have had a ripple effect on B2B companies everywhere. The ease, personalization and convenience of a well-designed B2C customer experience has transformed consumer expectations, and B2B buyers, themselves consumers, increasingly look for a comparable experience in their business purchases.

    This shift in business customers' buying habits, coupled with the overall acceleration of the online market, positions distributors with an ERP-integrated ecommerce platform at a steep advantage. This explains why over 80% of B2B companies without an online channel plan to launch one in the next two years, and nearly 70% plan to stop printing catalogs altogether within five.

    80% 80% of B2B companies without an online channel plan to launch one in the next two years

    At this pivotal moment, adopting an ecommerce strategy with an ERP-integrated solution allows distributors to offer their business customers a smooth, streamlined B2C buying experience and differentiate their brand in a highly competitive market.

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Dietzgen's digital evolution

"The k-ecommerce platform has helped us bring together thousands of SKUs across multiple product categories into one place where our customers will be able to search and find them easily."

-Lee Dehmer, IT Manager, Dietzgen

Distributor of wide format printing materials from paper to film, Dietzgen streamlined their massive catalog and gained a competitive edge with k-ecommerce.

Distributors evolve with k-ecommerce

The B2B ecommerce opportunity for the distribution sector

A B2C experience for B2B customers

A B2C experience for B2B customers

The evolution and spread of B2C ecommerce has heavily influenced the expectations of B2B customers when making purchases online. An ERP-integrated ecommerce platform allows you to offer the personalization, accessibility and efficiency of a B2C-style experience.

  • Easy, efficient ordering
  • Complete product and price information
  • Personalization based on customer preferences and behavior
  • Interactive, responsive omnichannel accessibility

24/7 customer self-service

Your B2B customers have full freedom to place orders and update account information any time of the day from anywhere in the world without the need for support staff, freeing your sales reps and customer service team to focus on growing your business.

  • Customers find and order products anytime, anywhere
  • Powerful search filters built for high-volume product listings
  • Simple account creation and maintenance
  • ERP integration automates order processing
24/7 customer self-service

Personalized prices and catalogs

Personalized prices and catalogs

Offering your customers a personalized experience is easy with an ERP-integrated ecommerce solution, allowing you to create individual catalogs with unique product offerings, specially-negotiated pricing and promotions, and more.

  • Create and assign catalogs to specific customers and groups
  • Complex, multi-level and individualized pricing
  • Customer and group coupons and promotions
  • Product recommendations based on past orders and viewed items

Speed and transparency

ERP integration brings together extensive, complex web store and back office system data into a single, instant-access view: orders, invoices, products, prices, customers and more, all updated in real time automatically and at your fingertips when you need it.

  • Accelerate order processing
  • Eliminate human error
  • Automated inventory updates
  • Comprehensive customer data
Speed and transparency

Expanding operations

Expanding operations

Scale your business from local to international with an ecommerce solution that grows with you. Native integration to major shipping companies as well as third-party tax services like Avalara, Amazon and eBay marketplaces, multilingual support and more make it easy to expand and connect with new markets.

  • Accurate, worldwide shipping rates
  • Quick, easy, on-point sales tax calculation
  • Multilingual and multi-currency support
  • Amazon and eBay marketplace integration

k-ecommerce for your business

As experts in B2B ecommerce solutions integrated with Microsoft Dynamics and SAP Business One, k-ecommerce offers a platform perfect for bringing your distribution business to the web.

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