Unleash the full potential of your ERP

Power your business.
Delight your customers.
From your ERP.

k-ecommerce sync technology unleashes the full potential of your ERP, turning your enterprise management solution into a high-powered sales partner that communicates directly with your web store to send and receive business data at the speed of online commerce.

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Automate and Simplify

Automate and simplify

Power your online channels from an all-inclusive command center by integrating your k-eCommerce web store with your Microsoft Dynamics or SAP Business One ERP.

  • Native integration with Microsoft Dynamics and SAP Business One ecosystems
  • Bi-directional communication between web store and ERP
  • Product, pricing, customer, order, invoice, shipping and tax data update in real time
  • Flexible synchronization schedule
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Do more in less time

Receive orders, invoice clients, update your inventory and notify shipping all in a streamlined, real-time process that eliminates human error and executes in seconds.

  • New orders transfer to your ERP the second they’re placed
  • The ERP invoices the order automatically
  • Inventory updates as the order is picked, packed, and shipped
  • No time lost on manual entry or costly mistakes
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Do More In Less Time

Increase Operational Efficiency

Increase operational efficiency

Refocus your team’s efforts on product development, sales strategy, and customer service while your integrated ecommerce platform automates the rest.

  • Recover up to 20% of the work week previously spent on manual entry
  • Repurpose staff as service, development, and marketing resources
  • Function with greater efficiency as your business grows
  • Lower operational costs by as much as 50% in your first five years
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Maximize business growth

Scale your business from local to global through integration with major payment gateways, shipping companies, and tax services like Avalara for ease, accuracy and efficiency worldwide.

  • Payment gateway integration for credit card payments
  • Shipping company integration for accurate shipping charges
  • Google Analytics integration for critical marketing insights
  • Avalara integration for error-free tax calculation
Maximize Business Growth

Open New Channels

Open new channels

With k-ecommerce Marketplace Integration, your ERP and web store connect to e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay, opening your business to whole new markets.

  • Expand your online channels to Amazon, eBay, or both
  • Offer any combination of prices and products on any platform
  • Sell across the US, Canada, and Australia (eBay only)
  • Sales on Amazon and eBay integrate back to your ERP

Microsoft Dynamics and
SAP Business One ready

A fully-functional web store on its own, the k-ecommerce solution comes ready to take your business to the next level through integration with your Microsoft Dynamics or SAP Business One ERP.

SAP Business One and Microsoft Dynamics

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