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How Yerecic Label Delivers a Fresh B2B Ecommerce Experience

Yerecic Label began as a small family business in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, over 50 years ago. They provide engaging on-pack label solutions for the grocery and fresh food industries and have expanded their business to serve customers across the United States and internationally

Yerecic Label

Throughout the years, Yerecic has prided itself on providing the latest label technology, such as variable data and microwave-safe packaging, to its customer base.

Initially, the company stored orders and customer data on a home-built system that was difficult to maintain and grow.

As the customer base grew, they realized the need for an ERP solution and chose Microsoft Dynamics GP because it could handle multiple locations and integrate with ecommerce solutions.

After migrating fully to an ERP solution, another need surfaced: customer requests for online ordering. k-ecommerce helped Yerecic Label build an online store that improved the ordering process for their sales team and customers.

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As their customers grew accustomed to the online ordering platforms offered by other label vendors, Yerecic knew that ecommerce was the next step

They needed an ecommerce solution that integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP and offered a user-friendly ordering experience for their customizable products.

Specifically, Yerecic Label wanted an ecommerce platform that could:

Transfer orders from their ecommerce storefront to their ERP system
Update their website with real-time product information
Provide a superior online customer experience


Yerecic Label decided on k-ecommerce as their B2B ecommerce solution after speaking with customers and figuring out what features they wanted for online ordering.

Since k-ecommerce integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP, it was the best fit for Yerecic’s business needs and their customers’ preferences, offering:

Order processing with ERP integration
Ability to handle large and complex orders
HInstantaneous website updates of product information from ERP system
User-friendly and visually pleasing customer-facing website
An online store for customers to place orders at any time
Useful resource center and knowledgeable support team

k-ecommerce’s platform was easy to set up and configure. The knowledge base has a wealth of information to help you along the way.

How k-ecommerce helped Yerecic freshen up their customer experience

During the implementation process, k-ecommerce gave Yerecic Label all the tools they needed to create a successful ecommerce storefront and streamline order processing.

Microsoft Dynamics GP integration
k-ecommerce sends all orders and customer information directly to Yerecic Label’s existing ERP platform.

Correct orders the first time
Before k-ecommerce, Yerecic’s sales team would have to review order specifications 2-3 times. Now customers can get their orders right the first time.

User-friendly website creation
It was straightforward for the team at Yerecic to learn the k-ecommerce interface and build an online storefront that customers love.

Time savings on large orders
Yerecic Label’s online store can handle large orders, saving valuable time for their sales rep team.

Easy product information management
k-ecommerce’s ERP integration allows for quick product information updates on the website.

Ecommerce store that customers love
Yerecic Label’s customers regularly comment on how the website is visually pleasing and easy to use. Customers can order any time, which supports the company’s commitment to the “Speed of Fresh”.

Superior support and knowledge base
k-ecommerce’s support team was always available to help with any issues, and Yerecic Label found the knowledge base helpful and easy to use.

Yerecic Label significantly improved the customer experience by launching an online store with k-ecommerce. Not only could their customers place orders at any time, but the ecommerce and ERP integration also streamlined Yerecic Label’s order processing.

Before launching an online store with k-ecommerce, Yerecic Label’s sales team had to manually process all orders. This usually involved 2-3 back and forth conversations with each customer to verify that all specifications were correct.

After the launch of Yerecic Label’s online ordering website with easy product catalog tags and search features, customers can easily send in new orders and complete the process in a single interaction.

Best of all, it was easy to learn the k-ecommerce dashboard, and with the help of the support team, Yerecic Label could easily set up customizations they needed for their products.

Now, 20% of Yerecic Label’s overall dollar value in orders comes through the website. They can also use data from k-ecommerce, such as abandoned cart metrics, to see which orders could have been in the queue.

Customers love the easy- to-use ordering system, and now that orders flow through the system faster than before, the sales team has more time to focus on generating new business.

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