Stahls’ Transfer Express

How k-ecommerce enhanced Stahls’Transfer Express business

Stahls', Inc. and Weaver Screen Print, Inc. started out as ‘mom and pop’ shops in the U.S. Midwest, offering decorative services to the sports apparel industry.

The two incorporated, becoming Stahls’ Transfer Express in December 1990, creating a leading one-stop shop for decorating apparel in North America.

As the company grew, so did their transaction volume, making it imperative to offer online payment options to their customers. k-ecommerce’s Integrated Payment solution (KIP), provided support to their accounting team to streamline payments and scale operations.



The custom nature of Stahls’ Transfer Express’s product led them to develop their own custom ERP. While Dynamics GP ecommerce integration provided Accounts Payable and Purchasing functions, they were still missing a critical piece, the right online payment option for their customers.

Prior to KIP, all payments were received via checks that were manually processed and applied to customer accounts. Since checks did not always come with a remittance, the team often struggled to map those checks to open invoices.

It was clear they needed an online payment solution to:

Enable customers with an easy to use, online method of payment.
Streamline the payment process for their accounting team.

“The implementation of KIP allowed the accounting team to continue operating at the same capacity despite losing some staff due to the pandemic. We have had significant growth in sales and transaction volume, without the need to add staff.”

Matthew Cook, Controller, Stahls’ Transfer Express


Stahls’ Transfer Express chose k-ecommerce’s Integrated Payment solution (KIP) that facilitated a seamless online payment journey for both consumers and the internal team, supporting them with:

Online payment options with a simple to use customer interface.
Increased accounting team efficiency with automatic application of payments.
Significant decrease in time required for large data synchronization.
Ensuring customer accounts are balanced with internal records.

“k-ecommerce is a cost-effective solution, with a simple to use customer interface.”

Matthew Cook, Controller, Stahls’ Transfer Express

How k-ecommerce gave Stahls’ Transfer Express the payment solution they needed

For a company like Stahls’ Transfer Express that was used to managing large payment volumes manually, KIP integrated seamlessly into their Dynamics GP, meeting all their requirements with a cost effective, simple to use interface.

Stahls’ Transfer Express’s Controller, Matthew Cook believes that the KIP solution is a win-win for their customers and their Cash Receipts team.

User Interface: k-ecommerce offers a simple to use and easy to understand customer interface, enabling easy navigation for both external customers and internal teams.
Efficiency: KIP allowed Stahls’ Transfer Express's accounting team to continue operating at the same capacity despite losing some staff due to COVID; and scale without the need to add more staff.
Security: As a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant payment solution (the highest and most stringent PCI DSS level), KIP allows secure payment processing.
Customer Support: The support staff at k-ecommerce worked as an extension of Stahls’ Transfer Express’s team throughout the onboarding, and implementation process. Matthew and his team felt positively confident after the initial setup calls.
Cost Effectiveness: Stahls’ Transfer Express was looking for a simple, cost-effective payment solution without the additional features of billing, invoicing, data metrics, AR analysis and more, which are typical options that come at a premium price. KIP offered customized à la carte solutions that met their needs.


With k-ecommerce’s Integrated Payment solution (KIP), Stahls’ Transfer Express is able to offer their customers online payment options packaged in a simple to use interface, significantly streamlining the operations of their accounts team.

In 7-months of using KIP, Stahls’ Transfer Express has collected over 1400 payments for invoices totaling nearly $1.22M, all applied properly and deposited to their bank automatically.
KIP has helped them keep customer accounts balanced with their own records, enabling large amounts of data sets to sync with ease and improved efficiency. Stahls’ Transfer Express now simply needs to balance to the bank deposit and post the batch.

“Initializing k-ecommerce as a payment option has brought us into this century for payment methods.”

Matthew Cook, Controller, Stahls’ Transfer Express

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