John R. White

Breaking the Mold of B2B Food and Beverage

“We didn’t want the typical web store layout. We wanted more of a product listing, with standard order quantities and customer-specific pricing, where they could quickly key in and submit their order.”

David Harris, President, John R. White

John R. White

Back in the 1930s, John R. White was a prominent food broker in the southern United States. Today, the company offers more than 800 ingredients in a full range of food and beverage manufacturing distribution, including organic and all-natural products, serving the greater U.S. in a wide variety of industries.

When the company decided to venture into ecommerce, their goal was to offer their customers a convenient, modern way to do business with them online, with a site tailor-made for their industry and brand, right down to the navigation.

Art and Culture Bonsai website


Foster deep customer loyalty with a tailor-made user experience

Eliminate manual order and data entry

High performance, scalability and security


John R. White’s ERP provider, ACE Microtechnology, Inc., introduced them to k-ecommerce.

Rather than just building technology or implementing software, ACE delivers real business value through industry knowledge and by understanding each client’s operational model. Which is why they knew k-ecommerce would be the perfect fit for a B2B food and beverage company like John R. White.

The k-ecommerce solution is designed and built for B2B businesses, with the best features and practices of the B2C customer experience adapted for B2B.

Customized self-service B2B user experience
Native integration to Dynamics GP
High-performance private cloud hosting
PCI Level One Certification

“The most valuable benefits are the significant time saved by both our customers and our employees… orders seamlessly flow into our orders queue.”

David Harris, President, John R. White


Efficiency and Productivity icon

Targets Surpassed

With their k-ecommerce solution, John R. White was able to meet and surpass their Year 1 customer acquisition targets.

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Massive Site Adoption

John R White’s customers love the new website, increasingly using it to place their orders and sending the company a great deal of positive feedback.

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Lowered Costs

Integration to Dynamic GP has virtually eliminated manual order entry and business data management, saving John R. White time and money.

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