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Dietzgen is a wholesale distributor of materials for the printing industry. Founded nearly 30 years ago from a single location in Tampa, Florida, Dietzgen has expanded over the years into a national footprint of 8 dedicated facilities in strategic locations across the US.

Some of these locations are converting sites, which remains Dietzgen’s principle business. Other sites are entirely for distribution. Each site converts, packs, stocks, labels and distributes hundreds of orders per day in order to reduce freight cost and lead times for Dietzgen’s materials to get to their customers.

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  1. The company’s product offering included thousands of different SKUs representing numerous item categories, and almost all of it was siloed in different locations.
  2. Dietzgen’s customer relationships were highly individual, with personalized product offerings and pricing for each client.
  3. Their Dynamics GP system didn’t use product spec functionality. This meant that 80% of their product information would still need to be entered manually.


An ERP-integrated k-ecommerce solution helped Dietzgen to streamline all their customer, product and business data into a central location for quick, easy access. ERP integration automated many of the most time-consuming data entry tasks involved in getting the company’s product catalog fully online.

The k-ecommerce solution also gave Dietzgen the freedom to configure numerous versions of their extensive product catalog for all their different customers, each version containing all the information that particular customer needs in order to make an informed buying decision.

“The k-ecommerce platform has helped us bring together thousands of SKUs across multiple product categories into one place where our customers will be able to search and find them easily.”

Lee Dehmer,
IT Manager, Dietzgen


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Efficiency and Productivity

Choosing an ERP-integrated k-ecommerce web store has significantly shortened Dietzgen’s sales cycle. Customers have instant access to key buying decision info, which makes it that much easier to close the sale.

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Increased Sales

An online channel has allowed Dietzgen to expand their business to new customers and even launch new products more easily.

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Bigger Clients

The flexibility of the k-ecommerce platform was able to adapt to two acquisitions that brought significant changes to Dietzgen’s business model.

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