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How k-ecommerce transformed this online sports business

“The k-ecommerce team allowed us to create functional sites linked in real time to our ERP system, in addition to offering easy-to-use marketing tools.”

Sophie Chaloux, Marketing and Communications, Catsports


Catsports began as a small Canadian volleyball equipment business, run out of one professional player’s garage. By 2014, the company had expanded to sell a wide range of sporting equipment all over the country.

Soon, the growing demands meant Catsports had to think about moving their operations online.

k-ecommerce supports a wide range of online businesses, and in 2014, the Canadian sports equipment company Catsports chose k-ecommerce as their integrated ecommerce platform.

Perris Leather website


In 2014, Catsports didn’t have a transactional website — their sales were completed by phone or fax. They needed an ecommerce platform that could:

  • Make ordering easier for shoppers
  • Eliminate the need for multiple phone-based customer service agents
  • Offer a smooth, mistake-free ordering process


Catsports relied on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. k-ecommerce offered a Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration that was easy to implement and simple to use.

With the business successfully migrated online, Sophie was able to implement a more mature marketing strategy using the user-friendly system.

k-ecommerce gave Catsports everything they needed to create the online business that would empower them to continue expanding:

An ecommerce solution that integrates to Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Easy to manage user interface
A CMS with a “beautiful configuration”
Expanded marketing possibilities
Coupon and gift card service
PCI and SSL compliant
Excellent customer support

Catsports’ growth has been largely thanks to integrating their ERP with k-ecommerce—and their success isn’t slowing down.

“Year after year, we are seeing strong growth in our online sales volume.”

Sophie Chaloux, Marketing and Communications, Catsports


Helped the Business To Grow

Implementing k-ecommerce has helped Catsports to expand rapidly. In just one year, online sales went from 16% to 33% — and the growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Improved Marketing Efforts

As Sophie explains, having a user-friendly system like k-ecommerce meant that she could run sophisticated digital marketing campaigns effortlessly.

Integrated Seamlessly With Microsoft Dynamics NAV

For a relatively small, emerging company like Catsports, the seamless Microsoft Dynamics integration meant that they didn’t miss a beat when it came to creating a new ecommerce website.

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