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Art and Culture Bonsai

When Marie-Josée Gélinas offered her husband Louis a little bonsai tree for Valentine’s Day back in 2000, it was a first for both of them. And, as is the case with many beginners, the tree almost died. But they managed to keep it alive, and the following summer, they took an introductory course offered by local business. That's when their passion quickly became a business. Their first website launched as a personal page for the business in 2005. In 2007, they invested in a professional website, but didn't yet have an online store. This would come with a redesign of the website in 2009.

Art and Culture Bonsai website


That first web store was a customized build that allowed them to take orders, but it had no integration to their accounting software. The employees had to copy all the order information over to the accounting software.

They had to update inventory and customer information in both systems. When there is a price change, this had to be entered manually


When they switched to an ERP-integrated ecommerce solution in 2013, Art and Culture Bonsai was able to drastically optimize their productivity.

ERP integration allowed Art and Culture Bonsai's web store and ERP to communicate directly, sharing product, price, customer, and tax data in real time.

The whole accounting process was streamlined, and they were able to focus more on growing their business.

“k-eCommerce is easy to use. We assemble our products in Excel and then import them into the catalogue with all the information filled in a single operation.”

Marie-Josée Gélinas,
Business Owner, Art and Culture Bonsai


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Sales Growth

Every year since opening, Marie-Josée and Louis have increased their orders and revenue by about 15% per year.

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Responsive and scalable ecommerce

They continually receive positive feedback from their customers both about the visual aspects of the site and its intuitive, user-friendly customer experience.

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Save time and eliminated errors

The time and money they’ve freed up in eliminating manual entry has allowed them to expand their business even further.

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