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Coffee Beanery
Market: Worldwide | Industry: Specialty Coffee | ERP: Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV

Coffee Beanery is a family-owned business founded in 1976. An industry leader in specialty coffee, they offer 40 unique blends of high-quality beans—all available in decaf and roasted to perfection with their patented Right Roast® Process.

The Challenge

Coffee Beanery had both B2C and B2B web stores with k-eCommerce already, and wanted to expand their sales channels further. They started selling their products on Amazon, which proved a lot more successful than they anticipated. Soon they were having trouble keeping up with manual order fulfillment. They needed a solution that integrated everything from Amazon back to Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV, and k-eCommerce had just the solution for them.

The Solution

k-eCommerce Online Marketplace integration allowed Coffee Beanery to automate the entire order process from Amazon, all the while managing just one database in Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV. No longer do they have to manually enter the orders received on Amazon.

The Results
Integration Means Automation
The integration from Amazon all the way back to Microsoft Dynamics NAV means orders are processed automatically.
Diverse Sales Channels
Along with their Amazon business, Coffee Beanery also runs two successful web stores with k-eCommerce, one for their B2C customers and another for their B2B buyers.
Changes in a Snap
k-eCommerce's built-in content management system allows them to make changes to their web stores on the fly.
Innovative Solutions
Whenever a new challenge is encountered, k-eCommerce's scalability means that their needs are met following industry best practices.