Why you Need a Web Store for Valentine’s Day

Online Shopping with a Mobile DeviceEvery year stores seem to put holiday items out earlier and earlier. While it may entice shoppers in the brick and mortar setting, online shoppers like to wait until the last minute to do everything. Whether it’s looking for information, picking up a last minute present or talking about an experience, online shoppers are taking full advantage of using their smartphones and tablets to send the love.

Valentine’s Day Statistics

Let’s start off with some simple reasons why you need to jump on the Valentine’s Day bandwagon. In 2014, 54 percent of Americans celebrated Valentine’s Day with their loved one, with men spending on average $134. That adds up to around $17.3 billion in Valentine’s Day revenue. And if you think those stats are good, it only gets better if your customer is shopping online.

Online Shoppers Spend More

While the average male spends $134 for his loved one on Valentine’s Day, that same person shopping online will spend $175.80, 31 percent more than the customer in a physical store. Why do people shopping online tend to spend more? Research. Rather than walking through aisles aimlessly and just grabbing the first thing they see, online shoppers can search for specific products and see what other items go with it, resulting in a bigger purchase. They also have better luck picking gifts for multiple people when shopping a web store.

How it Benefits Your Business

In 2014, 26.1 percent of consumers planned to shop online for Valentine’s Day, a number that will likely increase every year. Out of those shoppers, one third said that they would go ahead and purchase those items on their tablets. And since consumers can shop online anywhere at any time, your web store needs to be ready for them. Not only do mobile shoppers research products or compare potentials gifts, one in five users looked up retail information including location and store hours.

Whether customers are looking up information on your products to purchase in your physical store, or buying several products from your web store, their online expectations are set high. To make sure they have the best shopping experience, check out k-eCommerce, an eCommerce platform that uses responsive web design, which ensures your web store is user-friendly no matter what device your customer is on. To learn more about responsive web design and all the other features k-eCommerce delivers, contact our team for a discovery session.

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