What’s New with k-eCommerce: March 2021 Edition

It’s that time of year again! The air is fresher, the sunshine feels warmer and the days are getting longer. Here’s a look at what’s new with k-eCommerce and join us as we spring forward into new and exciting e-commerce adventures!

Need a powerful marketing automation tool for your online business? Introducing the k-eCommerce Mailchimp integration!

Did you know that over 75% of people abandon their shopping carts online? The good news Is that you can recover up to 11% of those abandoned cart sales with automated e-mail reminders! k-eCommerce connects to Mailchimp and updates it with real-time data that includes products, users, coupons, order, and abandoned carts. This integration allows you to design intricate and targeted e-mail campaigns with the live data from your e-commerce solution. 

About 93% of B2B businesses use e-mail and you need to be one of them. E-mail is one of the most cost-effective and appreciated forms of communication that turns subscribers into customers. When used properly, it can boost engagement and generate $38 for every $1 spent – that’s a 3,800% ROI, making it one of the most effective options available!

Click here to learn more and don’t hesitate to contact our sales team for more information on the k-eCommerce Mailchimp integration.

Calling all businesses in the food and beverage industry! Are you ready to go online and level up your business?

The food and beverage industry has been going through a digital transformation so keeping up with rapidly evolving customer expectations should be a priority. This month, we’re making a special dedication to you.

Click here to download our ultimate e-commerce guide for food and beverage companies where we will show you tactical ways to level up your business with ERP-integrated e-commerce.

Our free webinar on “Food & Beverage E-Commerce in 2021: How to Use an Online ERP-Integrated Solution to Grow your Business” is now available for download. Click here to watch the webinar as we show you how to keep up with the sudden shift in consumer habits within the industry.

Interested in reaching government markets and gaining new contracts?

Let us introduce you to BidNet Direct – a division powered by mdf commerce. For more than 30 years, BidNet is the most trusted named in providing you with targeted government project bid opportunities that precisely match your business needs, no matter what product or service your business specializes in.

As physical interactions are minimized and brick-and-mortar businesses remain shuttered, the relationship between buyers and suppliers have changed drastically. Many public buyers have made the shift to digital procurement solutions to mitigate the potential impact of prolonged disruption. Click here to see how the solutions provided by BidNet Direct can help keep buyers and their suppliers working during these challenging times while delivering you new contract opportunities every day.

Choosing a Future Proof E-Commerce Platform in 2021

COVID-19 is the new Chief Innovation Officer where the transformation of commerce has drastically accelerated in the past year. The pandemic pushed businesses into rapid shifts to online shopping that requires continuous innovation and investment to retain shoppers. Businesses who were once reluctant to move online now find themselves considering this change. Whether you are researching your e-commerce platform options or in the process of selection one, your choice of platform is the most important decision you will make.

We have put together a guide covering 6 key pillars that will take you through the key elements of a competitive, profitable, scalable and e-commerce platform so you can be ready for the 2021 digital market.

Download it here.

Setting up Online Payments for your e-commerce business – k-eCommerce Integrated Payment

Consider this: 66% of customers prefer paying invoices online whereas nearly 40% consider it a deciding factor in where they do business. With the market shifting rapidly to digital commerce, those numbers are accelerating so being able to accept and process digital payments is more important than ever. k-eCommerce Integrated Payment brings the power of ERP integration to all your sales channels by offering your customers and your team omnichannel invoice payment and transaction processing solutions integrated to your ERP

Learn more about k-eCommerce Integrated Payment.

k-eCommerce in Action – Watch our on-demand 20-Minute Demo

Watch our 20-minute demo and discover key functionality needed for a solid B2B e-commerce investment. In just 20 minutes, we’ll show you where an ERP-integrated SaaS web store on the cloud will take your business. Our team can have your website live in a matter of weeks!

Watch on-demand demo.

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