What’s New with k-ecommerce: June 2021 Edition

Summer is officially here but the world of ecommerce has no sign of slowing down! Here’s what’s new with k-ecommerce in June.

The k-ecommerce transformation continues!

Notice something different? Last September, our parent company became mdf commerce and this was an important milestone in our transformation towards a unified and ambitious company. As k-ecommerce strives to frequently improve and enhance overall customer experience, we are proud to announce the launch of our new logo as part of the ongoing evolution of k-ecommerce.com. This new visual identity will help unifysimplify, and amplify our corporate values.

We are proud to be part of the mdf commerce family. This change brings us even closer together, unites us and allows us to respond to your needs even better. Make sure to stay tuned and follow us on LinkedIn!

A Quick Guide to Omnichannel Optimization for B2B Businesses

To build a successful B2B sales platform, it is crucial to understand the nuts and bolts of inventory management. It is not always easy especially when it comes to keeping track of sales and orders via multiple different channels. Managing your inventories manually across warehouses, suppliers, and distributors is a dizzying task.

Here’s the good news: There are numerous inventory management strategies for B2B businesses. The omnichannel model is among the most effective. We have prepared a short and practical guide to take you through the key components of an effective omnichannel management strategy and why it is critical for B2B small-to-medium size businesses and how to apply it to your business.

Click here to download.

Multi-Site Management Add-On: Streamlining Your Brands & Websites

If you are managing multiple brands or websites, our Multi-Site Management might interest you. It allows you to operate multiple ecommerce sites efficiently and create unique experiences for your different brands.

This add-on provides the easiest setup for integrating multiple online stores to your ERP or implementing additional URLs to your existing k-ecommerce platform. k-ecommerce Multi-Site Management matches your back-end setup so that multiple websites can integrate to a single ERP. It ensures that your customers get the right information associated to the proper company and reduces manual data entry and errors.

Click here to learn more and start creating unique online experiences for all your brands.

We are live on Dynamic Communities’ Decision Acceleration Community!

Dynamic Communities has created a new platform, the Decision Acceleration Community (DAC), as a re-imagination of content, community and event experience. You can enjoy DAC as a guest and access everything in the platform. If you are interested in topics like cloud based technology, empowering business through AI, automation, low code/no code development, security, data – this is the place for you. As a partner of DAC, some of our exclusive content will be included in our profile.

Check out our profile here.

k-ecommerce in Action: On-Demand 20-Minute Demo

Watch our 20-minute demo and discover key functionality needed for a solid B2B ecommerce investment. In just 20 minutes, we’ll show you where an ERP-integrated SaaS web store on the cloud will take your business. Our team can have your website live in a matter of weeks!

Watch on-demand demo.

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