Webinar: Amazon & eBay Integration for your k-eCommerce Web Store Powered by Microsoft Dynamics or SAP Business One

Listing your products on online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay can supplement your eCommerce efforts. Just consider the volume of traffic these marketplaces receive each day and the credibility they hold amongst consumers. Want to hear more? Register for our upcoming webinar to learn about the value of selling through online marketplaces and how the k-eCommerce platform for Microsoft Dynamics or SAP Business One integrates with these sites.

Amazon & eBay: The Sheer Volume

Not only do websites like Amazon and eBay receive a high volume of traffic each day, but they are also well-known and trusted by shoppers. In 2014, more than two billion items were sold globally on the Amazon marketplace. Also with notable volume, the eBay marketplace has over 157 million active buyers globally that spend over $8.8 billion each year. The scale of their presence alone will help drive sales and grow your online business globally, if you choose.

New Customer Acquisition

Selling through Amazon and eBay also opens up the opportunity for new customer acquisition. Listing your products alongside your competitors exposes them to consumers who may be searching for your products, or items in the same category, that just happen to stumble across your brand. This may lead them to either make a purchase from the marketplace or head over to your web store and proceed through checkout there.

Did you know?

Businesses with a web store that also sell through one marketplace make 38 percent more revenue than those with no marketplace. Those who have two marketplaces make 120 percent more revenue.

Attend Our Webinar

Join us Thursday, December 10 from 3:00 – 3:30 p.m. EST for a webinar titled: Online Marketplace Integration for your Microsoft Dynamics or SAP Business One eCommerce Website from k-eCommerce. In 30 minutes we will address concerns associated with making this venture while also highlighting some potential benefits. In summary, we will cover:

  • Why online marketplaces
  • More on Amazon / eBay
  • Online marketplaces for B2B organizations
  • Integration to online marketplaces from Microsoft Dynamics & SAP Business One
  • A brief demonstration of our integration with online marketplaces
  • Q&A

Register here. We hope you can join us!

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