Valentine’s Day + E-Commerce = The Perfect Couple

Flowers, chocolates, candlelight dinners for two… all told, Americans spend over $19 billion on Valentine’s day annually, with the average shopper investing around $140 in the year’s most romantic holiday.

And V-Day isn’t just for couples, either. As much as 20% of all Valentines’ Day sales are actually gifts purchased for a friend. An additional 19% of shoppers buy gifts for their cat, dog or hamster, and even singles routinely indulge in a Feb. 14 splurge, spending anywhere from $40-70 on themselves.

All of this to say: Valentine’s Day is an incredible time of the year to be in business on the web.

E-commerce accounts for 28% of Valentines’ Day sales already, and with global e-commerce sales increasing steadily by 24% or more since 2014 this number is increasing every year.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense that Valentine’s Day and e-commerce go together like wine and roses. Unlike end-of-year holidays such as Christmas (to say nothing of birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and other occasions where presents are purchased well in advance), Valentine’s day gifts have a tendency to be more… spontaneous.

(Or “last minute,” depending on whom you ask.)

The ease, convenience, and above all speed of ordering online makes e-commerce an obvious choice. Next-day shipping? Say no more.

Valentine's Day e-commerce recipes LorAnn Oils
LorAnn Oils’ website features recipes that use their products.

LorAnn Oils is a perfect example of this natural Valentine’s Day / e-commerce synergy. A flavoring and oils company based in Michigan, LorAnn offers a wide range of baking and candy-making supplies perfect for cooking up a batch of delectable V-Day treats (to say nothing of fragrance oils and aromatherapy).



Valentine's Day e-commerce specials LorAnn Oils
Valentine’s Day specials at LorAnn Oils.

As you can see, LorAnn Oils’ web store prominently displays their Valentine’s Day e-commerce specials, including a red velvet bakery emulsion, cinnamon oil flavoring and red sanding sugar. Not only are the products on promotion, but the product descriptions feature full recipes offering creative ideas for using them. They’ve even got recipes with videos.

Red velvet cupcakes, anyone?

All this is possible thanks to their ERP-integrated k-eCommerce platform, which brings them steady traffic and growth year-round. According to LorAnn’s IT manager Barbara Gillett, “We probably see close to 200 new retail users a week, and we’re adding about 30 business customers per week.”

You can check out LorAnn Oil’s full video testimonial here.

You can learn more about k-eCommerce here. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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