Valentine’s Day and e-Commerce: A Blossoming Love Story

The whirlwind romance between Americans and Valentine’s Day generated $19 billion in sales in 2015.  That’s a whole lot of chocolate and roses.  This year they are taking that relationship a little further and are projected to spend more than $20 billion. As a business with an online store, how do you get a piece of that heart-shaped pie? We’ll break down why Valentine’s Day is an important holiday for your e-Commerce business and what you can do to increase your online sales.

More money is spent by online shoppers in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day than in the four weeks leading up to it. Some industries, such as jewelry, saw their sales spike by 77.3 percent during Valentine’s week last year. The love affair isn’t only happening on desktops or laptops, mobile accounted for 23.3 percent of sales, up 35.3 percent from the previous year.  Valentine’s day customers will spend on average 30 percent more online.

There are things that you can to to increase your online sales the week before Valentine’s:

  • Timing is everything; increase your marketing efforts during this week.
  • Segment your marketing by gender. Men outspent women 2 to 1 in 2015.
  • Facebook and Pinterest are great platforms to promote your products. They offer a good ROI.
  • Don’t forget to take mobile shoppers into consideration. Smartphone users spent $92.37 and tablet users spent $98.56 on average for Valentine’s Day last year.
  • Diversify where you are selling your products. If you don’t sell your products on an online marketplace like eBay or Amazon, you should.  273 million consumers worldwide use those services.
  • Have options for customer’s who have left shopping to the last minute.

You don’t need to sell traditional Valentine’s Day gifts to take advantage of this trend.  Get creative with your marketing efforts.  White Castle, is a great example of this.  They announced that they would be taking reservations for Valentine’s Day. It made the news because it’s not somewhere someone would typically be taking their date for a meal that evening.

There are many ways you can boost your online sales for Valentine’s Day. We hope these tips and tricks help you get in on the romance this year.


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