Three Takeaways from the 2020 Community Summit Virtual Event

Community Summit is hosted by Dynamic Communities, one of the world’s largest communities that connects the Microsoft ecosystem of users and partners. Due to COVID-19, this year’s 2020 Community Summit was held virtually. Attendees got an inside look on how a customer is using emerging technology, especially how companies have managed through COVID-19 by delivering what’s next from Microsoft, and where product users are at today with their software.

Here are 3 key takeaways from the virtual event.

Leveraging technology for business growth

One of the most prominent themes from this year’s Community Summit is how to leverage new technology to promote business growth. The pandemic brought on the inevitable need to bring businesses online in a way that brings added value to the business and its customers while accelerating the buyer’s process. Tactics include building an automated store with self-service capabilities. This helps business owners to reduce operational costs, optimize resources and maximize sales. As one of the sponsors, k-eCommerce held a presentation to discuss ways business owners can leverage their Microsoft Dynamics investment to grow their e-commerce business.

We also gave attendees a sneak peek at our latest product release that includes over 300 new and exciting features designed to help businesses better navigate today’s business challenges and offer customers an unparalleled buying experience. We have continued to focus on improving customer self-service capabilities and simplifying existing tools, while also expanding the solution with new features that will save business owners time and get more done with less effort. Register for our webinar (and receive a link to the recording if you cannot attend) to get an exclusive look at our newest platform enhancements that will help you achieve your business goals.

The power of the cloud and the importance of security

Along with bringing businesses online, business software users have also increasingly moved online with a growing focus on cloud and automation. Businesses of all sizes, from local small businesses to global corporations, are now reimagining their businesses as today’s business climate has brought on a new set of challenges. With the demand of systems with a focus on innovation and automation also comes the concern of cloud security. A cloud platform gives your business the freedom to grow and expand without the risks, but it must also ensure the speed, security and stability of your online business at all times.

As a leader in e-commerce technology, k-eCommerce is committed to providing you with a stable, dependable web store platform and guaranteeing the security of your customers and your company’s transactions and data. Iron-clad security is a critical priority for any business, and our expertise coupled with our PCI-certified private cloud infrastructure guarantees you the highest possible level of protection.

The new “now” and what it means

The last ongoing theme that we noticed is the notion of “now” and what it means for businesses moving forward amid the pandemic. Businesses will need to put a focus on creativity, strategy and the ability to find and drive success to define the new normal even in these very uncertain times.

k-eCommerce encourages business owners to keep up with their customers’ rising standards and to stay on top of their game by leveraging new technology. Don’t be afraid to pursue innovation and test new ideas to break boundaries. Use the power of the technology we have access to in order to promote business growth. If you are interested in staying on top of digital trends, subscribe to our newsletter where we give you monthly tips and tricks, informative webinars and more.

k-eCommerce is committed to helping small and medium businesses take their e-commerce to the next level. Don’t hesitate to contact us to see how our all-in-one e-commerce solution integrates your ERP to leverage and transform your business data into an automated store with full-scale self-service capabilities.

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