The iPad and k-eCommerce technology

The iPad and k-eCommerce technologyHigh-end tools for high-end sales force

The iPad hasn’t been around for a full year that it’s already changed how we do things. This revolutionary tablet spread like a wild fire amongst the IT crowd, but is also becoming popular and useful in the business world.

Your k-eCommerce solution is a powerful tool to do business with. Enhanced with the power and manageability of the iPad, it becomes a great cost reducing, productivity boosting, and loyalty building tool for sales people everywhere. It helps you strengthen your customer relations and keeps your sales people happy.

The k-eCommerce/iPad combination will translate into more and better sales for your business.

Talk to your clients face-to-face, save everyone time and limit access to your ERP!

On the mere side of practicability, the iPad is a pure gem. It’s smaller in size than most invoice pads, requires no pen, no external power source, no tedious booting time and no internet access key. It allows you to instantly access your k-eCommerce customer service where you can review your customers order history, access your electronic products catalog and complete a purchase order in real time. All this can be done while meeting your customer, who will come to love the efficiency and speed with which you address his issues. Once the purchase order is made, the k-eCommerce solution will automatically create the order in your ERP. The order entry is transferred to the customer or salesperson and will therefore reduce the number of people needed for the operation, eliminate mistakes or omissions and allow your staff and your customer’s staff to focus on other money generating assignments.

On the security side, using the iPad to create purchase orders allows your sales force to operate exclusively within the boundaries of your k-eCommerce solution without the need to remotely access your ERP or accounting software.

Another great reason for using such a device is the ability to lose the physical barrier, like a laptop screen, created between a sales rep and his customer. Think about it, the only tool laying on the table when you’re in a meeting is a non-intrusive 9.5 by 7.5 flat tablet silently waiting to be used. Suddenly it all becomes about the relation between customer and supplier with no distractions around. Customer relation building at its best!

Oh yeah! It’s also incredibly cool and sexy looking and is always a great conversation starter. Your customers may even want their own to order through your website.

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