Personalize Your Integrated eCommerce Web Store to Increase Sales and Improve the Shopping Experience

Online Marketing Tools from k-eCommerceProviding a more personalized eCommerce experience for users is one of the top trends for 2014 and according to an inforgraphic created by BrainSINS, it is also a great way to boost sales and improve the overall customer experience.

Ways to Personalize

Consider sending personalized messages to anonymous website visitors as well as loyal customers. If a user abandons a cart, for example, send an email reminder about the items they left behind and add a promotion like free shipping. This may draw the consumer back in, converting them into a sale. Once an order has been placed, consider sending a follow-up email asking the customer to rate their satisfaction level while providing them with support info, in case they need it. Recommendation emails that suggest products based on recent purchases can also be sent.

Another great way to deliver a personalized experience is by suggesting related products. This can be done from the shopping cart page, individual product detail pages or it can be added to a search results page. Whatever method is chosen makes consumers more aware of other products and can lead to higher order values.

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The Results are in the Numbers

According to the infographic, 77 percent of customers that were offered a personalized experience found it extremely useful, 52 percent said they liked it and 33 percent were driven to purchase products specifically recommended to them.

From the standpoint of eCommerce businesses who have implemented personalization strategies, 65 percent have shown an increase in conversion rates, 54 percent of retailers have experienced an increase in the average value of orders and 53 percent have noted an increase in return shoppers.

Delivering a personalized experience is a great way to capture anonymous online visitors and turn them into loyal customers. The only thing to consider when it comes to personalization is not to take it too far. Simple elements like personalized email messages and suggesting related products are two non-intrusive strategies that can result in success.

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