New k-eCommerce version - Marketplace Integration updates

New version! Big Marketplace Integration updates!

In case you missed it, k-eCommerce version 20181201 has brought some exciting new changes to Marketplace Integration!

k-eCommerce Marketplace Integration lets you connect your k-eCommerce web store to Amazon, eBay, or both, and harness the selling power of these e-commerce giants as new online channels that synchronize order, customer, product and price data with your ERP.

You can find out more about Amazon and eBay Marketplaces in our white paper Make Amazon and eBay Sell for You.

Here are some of the highlights:

Easier error tracking

Errors in the Marketplace will now be visible directly from the Trace Viewer in your k-eCommerce admin instead of an email notification. This will make it easier to track errors over time, diagnose problems, and get all necessary information to our Support team if needed.

Amazon down under

Amazon Marketplace Integration Australia

Amazon Marketplace Integration is now available for Australia! Previously, selling in Australia with Marketplace Integration was only available for eBay; Amazon was restricted to the U.S. and Canada.

Now you can take your Amazon business intercontinental as well!

New options for eBay Marketplace Integration

With the eBay Marketplace, you now have the option to include taxes in prices sent to eBay. Additionally, you can update the quantity in stock to 0, which was not possible before. Products with a quantity of 0 will be set to Inactive on eBay.

The latest version also includes numerous other performance improvements and fixes to k-eCommerce Marketplace Integration. To get the full details, check out the release notes!

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