Mailchimp integration for k-eCommerce is now available!

Calling all marketers! We’ve got incredibly exciting news for you: Mailchimp integration for k-eCommerce is available for your k-eCommerce web store!

Mailchimp is a powerful email marketing service and automation platform. It offers a unified solution for promoting your business across channels ranging from email to social media and beyond, along with deep audience data insights to help fine-tune your strategies.

With k-eCommerce Mailchimp integration, you’ll be able to design intricate, laser-pointed email campaigns fueled by live product, price and order data pulled directly from your web store.

Promotional emails are a breeze with Mailchimp integration. k-eCommerce sends the product information straight to Mailchimp: product names and SKUs, pricing, images, even the product page URL. Mailchimp integration serves up all the data your customers need, and then brings them to your web store with a click.

Mailchimp also gets all web orders placed by any user on your mailing list, as well as abandoned carts left by these same users. Integrated orders and integrated carts both include the list of products (SKU, quantity and unit price) as well as the cart or order total.

Studies have shown that by emailing users with abandoned carts, you can recover up 11% of sales you would otherwise lose. For the rest, you can configure how long Mailchimp keeps abandoned carts before deleting them.

The integration even transfers coupons, as well all modifications to coupon campaigns (including deletion and deactivation). Web orders sent to Mailchimp include any coupon codes used.

Additionally, when a user accesses your site through a link in a Mailchimp email, you will be able to see which email campaign prompted the visit!

And, of course, Mailchimp integration makes your life even easier by seamlessly transferring user subscriptions and unsubscriptions, including email addresses and basic contact information like first, last, and company name.

Ready to put the k-eCommerce Mailchimp integration module to work for you? Give us a call!

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