k-eCommerce Lead Referral Program could help you earn thousands!

K-eCommerce Lead Referral Program could help you earn thousands!All the tools and support you need to become a successful K-eCommerce partner

Is your Dynamics customer thinking of going online or upgrading his current ecommerce solution? Is he looking to increase his sales and reduce his costs? Does he need a mobile sales force or mobile order entry? Does your Dynamics prospect need an ecommerce solution that won’t kill the deal?

Join the k-eCommerce Lead Referral Program – Simply refer your customer to k-eCommerce and earn thousands for each opportunity resulting in a transaction.

Learn how you can help your current and future customers across a variety of industries get their Dynamics online faster and easier with k-eCommerce, an ecommerce solution that can address their unique challenges and integrate to their Dynamics.

The k-eCommerce Lead Referral program does more than help you earn revenue – it helps you ensure your role as a trusted advisor to your customers. If your expertise does not extend to selling ecommerce solutions, you can pass those opportunities to k-eCommerce. And if the opportunity results in a transaction, you earn a referral fee and monthly recurrences – and show your customers that you are looking after their best interests.

The k-eCommerce Lead Referral Program was built to do all the work for you. You don’t need to put extra work hours selling our solution.  All you need to do is engage a quality lead about k-eCommerce and the Lead Referral Program does the rest.

Our qualified sales team will contact the customer, evaluate his online business needs, demonstrate the solution and do the sales follow-up. You can easily track the progress of the sale of all your leads in your secure web-based partner account.

You will have a co-branded version of www.k-eCommerce.com (www.k-ecommerce.com/partner) embedded with your company logo. This way, the link between you and your client will be maintained during the entire sales cycle thus building a stronger relation between you.

You will also have access to questionnaires, brochures, case studies and quarterly newsletters to help you secure quality leads. Free online training on k-eCommerce is also available.

Commission structure:

Our Lead Referral Program reward structure works on a dual commission system:

Intitial finder’s fee

A percentage (%) of the starting fees to be paid once the lead has paid the initial invoice.


Recurrent finder’s fees

A percentage (%) of ensuing monthly fees paid quarterly.

You get two finder’s fees for each lead who buys the k-eCommerce solution. The more leads you sign with us the bigger the finder’s fees get.

Just point a quality lead in our direction and your job is done. We’ll take care of the rest.

To learn all the ins and outs of our Lead Referral Program visit k-ecommerce.com or contact us at info@k-ecommerce.com or by phone at 1-888-523-6874.

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