Infographic: Cost Savings of an eCommerce Platform Integrated with Your ERP / CRM System

Ever wonder what the cost savings of an eCommerce platform integrated with your Microsoft Dynamics or SAP Business One system would be? We did the math and the numbers might actually surprise you. Check out the infographic below to get more in-depth information on the benefits, and see how you’ll save by integrating your eCommerce platform with your Microsoft Dynamics or SAP Business One system.


Whether you want a cloud or on premise deployment, the cost savings of having an eCommerce platform integrated with your ERP / CRM system speak for themselves. On top of saving money, integration has many other benefits not commonly thought about. With a k-eCommerce web store for Microsoft Dynamics or SAP Business One, these include:

  • Working out of just one database means your business maintains just one single source of truth
  • This also simplifies web store maintenance by only having to update product info in one system
  • There is no need for any additional third party solutions, k-eCommerce is the complete package for eCommerce, from shopping cart, to payment processing, customer service, CMS, online order management and more
  • Happier, more loyal customers who always have the most accurate product data and are able to self-serve online

By connecting your ERP / CRM system with your eCommerce site, any time you add products, update inventory, pricing, shipping or tax, the data automatically gets pushed to your web store in real time, leaving you with only one database to manage and faster order turnaround. If your business is having trouble managing two separate databases, talk to one of our integration experts to learn more about what k-eCommerce can do to alleviate the problem. You can also check out our customer gallery to view our live sites in a variety of different industries.

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