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3 Key Strategies for Manufacturers Selling Direct-to-Consumer (DTC)

More and more manufacturers are choosing to ship their products directly to consumers without relying on retailers or other middlemen. When DTC e-commerce is done right, more than 50% of consumers intend to make a purchase when they visit a manufacturer’s website. Here are 3 strategies for manufacturers selling direct-to-consumers.

How the Automotive Sector is Rebuilding From 2020

Because the majority of jobs in the automotive sector are closely connected to manufacturing, there has been a significant impact on production this year. Manufacturing has faced major challenges since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic due the difficulties of creating a virus-safe workplace. This has resulted in widespread plant closures. With factories closed, employees … Continue reading How the Automotive Sector is Rebuilding From 2020

k-eCommerce Customer Success: Detroit Speed ecommerce for automotive

Detroit Speed: Under the Hood

Before k-eCommerce, Detroit Speed had a home-grown HTML website with no integration to their SAP Business One ERP. Worse, the site’s product catalog only listed prices and part numbers… none of the crucial product information their customers actually need.

As a result, Detroit Speed’s online sales channel was stalling for years.

Then they switched to a k-eCommerce solution integrated to SAP Business One, which immediately boosted speed and productivity for their sales and accounting teams.