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eCommerce RoundUp: Friday, September 2nd, 2016

As the long weekend approaches, so does the promise of a new season. Summer is coming to an end and fall will soon be upon us. School is starting up again and the holiday season will begin not long after, which is why these email marketing tips and Facebook’s newly revamped Offers will help you plan an effective strategy to boost your online sales. To give you some great insight into your customers’ behavior, you can use Google Analytics to analyze search patterns on your web store to help boost conversions. With all the potential eCommerce success you can achieve with these new tools, your business may grow and you’ll need to look into getting a solid ERP. Go and nab your favorite gourd-flavored latte and take a few minutes to sit back and relax with a few good articles.

The Email Marketing Secret Nobody Talks About

Nothing is as powerful as a large email list when it comes to digital marketing which is why email is essential. Getting your messages open and read is the key to your email marketing success. Rather than sending out newsletters, the author suggests focusing on bringing your readers value. Personalizing your emails goes a long way. Let’s also not forget though that while you need great content, a compelling subject line will entice recipients to open your emails and read on.

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Signs Your Company is Ready for a New ERP Solution

No one ever said that running a business would be easy. And the more your business grows, the harder it gets to keep juggling a plethora of spreadsheets while writing up all your reports by hand… until before long, it’s practically impossible to keep on top of everything. If this is the case, it may be time to consider implementing an ERP system. How can you be certain that it’s time for your business to upgrade? Download the guide featured in the article to find out if your organization is ready for an ERP solution.

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Google Analytics: Using Site Search Data to Grow Revenue

Ever wonder how users are searching on your site? Google did and created a suite of site-search reporting in Analytics, providing you with insights into what potential customers are searching for using your site’s native search. Like with all Google Analytics data, if you know how to use it, it can be very valuable to your business. This article explains how you can set it up and use it to your advantage.

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Facebook Lets Retailers Offer Coupons to Entice Shoppers to Buy

Facebook’s Offers program has received a mobile-oriented revamp, allowing retailers to provide both in-store and online offers to their customers no matter where they find themselves. The offers can also be posted directly on the organizations Facebook page using the Offer Page Composer tool. For customers, claiming an offer is simple; click the Get Offer button and it is saved to their Offers bookmark, making them easily redeemable on mobile, desktop or in-store.

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We really hope that you enjoyed this week’s eCommerce RoundUp. Check back every week for a new set of articles.

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