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eCommerce RoundUp: Friday, October 28th, 2016

Congratulations! You made it to Friday! After a long, full week like this one, you owe it to yourself to kick back and relax a few minutes… and while you’re at it, catch up on all the latest and greatest news from the world of eCommerce! This week’s edition of the Roundup offers up some expert advice on Facebook Dynamic Ads, SEO, and breaking into the omnichannel game, along with a sneak peek at the incredible new Microsoft Dynamics 365. Plus! If over $1 billion a day in online sales sounds good to you, then fasten your seat belt because this holiday season promises to be your best yet!

SEO Made Simple: Expert Tips to Outrank Your Competition in Search Results

SEO may not be brain surgery, but let’s face it: that’s because most of the time it feels more like reading tea leaves. Still, the goal of any solid SEO strategy is simple enough in theory. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to outrank your competitors. Here are four solid, easy-to-implement tips to help you tweak your strat and start reeling in traffic.

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Six Reasons to Use Facebook Dynamic Ads as Part of Your eCommerce Strategy

Love it or hate it, Facebook is still the king of social media… which means if you’re not taking full advantage of the platform, you’re missing out on 1.65 billion potential customers. Facebook Dynamic Ads is one of the most powerful tools available to your business. Need another reason to use it? Here are six more.

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How to Win the Retail Omnichannel Game

Online? Offline? Omnichannel! Smart, modern businesses know how to have the best of both worlds and engage their clientele through all available touch points on and off the web. But omnichannel success may mean changing up your approach a little, and it will definitely take some careful planning. These guidelines will help you steer your business in the right direction.

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Online Sales Will Surpass $1 Billion Nearly Every Day This Holiday Season, Adobe Predicts

How’d you like to make $1 billion a day? Well if you’ve got an online business, you’re on the right track! According to a report from Adobe Digital Insights, eCommerce sales will grow a projected 11% this year, with 57 of the holiday season’s 61 days generating over a billion dollars in revenue each. Get the full story here!

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3 Reasons to Be Excited about Microsoft Dynamics 365

Excited about Microsoft Dynamics 365? You should be! Microsoft’s latest offering fully fuses the power and functionality of ERP and CRM, integrates flawlessly with Outlook, and packs a whole host of other incredible features! Check out these three must-see reasons why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is going to change the whole game!

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We really hope that you enjoyed this week’s eCommerce RoundUp. Check back every week for a new set of articles.

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