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eCommerce Roundup: Friday, May 6th, 2016

Being eCommerce-obsessed, we do a lot of reading on the subject. Every week, we track down all the stories we can get our hands on and single out the most interesting, relevant and exciting bits of info on the Web… all so you don’t have to! So just grab yourself a coffee, get comfy, and take a few minutes to catch up on the latest news and trends in the eCommerce industry!

Engage and Convert Site Visitors – 9 Tips to Make it Happen

Two subjects that define your eCommerce strategy’s success are user engagement and conversions. Gone are the days of telling people what to buy. Consumers these days are informed and want to be a part of the conversation before they make a decision. How do you achieve this? This article offers nine tips to help make that happen, ranging from free testing periods to easy navigation to carefully placed pop-ups.

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10 Industries That Have Embraced the Cloud

We’re big proponents of cloud technology here at k-eCommerce and we’re not alone. In a few short years, we have seen a boom with regards to Cloud solutions and there are no signs of slowing down. While some are still somewhat hesitant to adopt them, this article lists ten industries that are adopting various iterations of cloud applications.

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Retailers Slow to Adopt Omnichannel Payments – and Implement Fraud Protection: Studies

Online fraud and security are not things to take lightly. While not the most glamorous of subjects, they remain vitally important to the success of your online business. The consequences for not being PCI compliant can be dire, which makes the results of these studies all the more surprising. As the author points out, not prioritising fraud prevention will ultimately cost your business money and damage its reputation.

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Using the Olympics for eCommerce Marketing

Grab your flags, set up the snacks and get ready to watch the world’s best compete in impressive feats of athleticism. The Olympics unite the whole world, and when the entire planet is watching, you need to take advantage. If this isn’t part of your strategy to promote your business, reconsider. This article explains how even the most modest of budgets can take advantage.

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11 Critical Features for B2B eCommerce Sites

We know all about B2B eCommerce and how important it is for your business to have an online sales strategy. This is why we absolutely loved this article. It’s what we have been saying all along! While some B2C features can overlap the B2B side of things, the unique needs of B2B businesses such as complex pricing models or order approval workflows mean that your eCommerce solution needs to include features that cater to these needs.

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We hope you liked this week’s roundup. Be sure to check back next Friday for a fresh batch of articles!

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