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eCommerce RoundUp: Friday, December 23rd, 2016

We did it; we survived 2016. And with the end of the year, comes the last eCommerce RoundUp of 2016. We’ve learned over the last few months that a lot of customers are shopping online, in a whole lot of different ways. Most English-language sites opt to translate their sites into French or German this year when expanding to new markets. As we look forward to 2017, it’s time to develop a strategy to continue selling during the slower months at the beginning of the year. If you’re planning on launching a website in the near future, you’ll need a solid SEO strategy. It’s time to relax, grab a hot cocoa, and enjoy this week’s articles.

Planning Post-Holiday eCommerce Revenue

The online rush is all but over for online retailers and it’s time to start planning for the next couple of weeks and months. Business will certainly slow down after the holidays. There are things that you can do to drum up as many sales as possible during this period. Discounts are great for clearing out inventory you want to get rid of. Lowering prices isn’t the only tactic that you can apply; try to offer hard-to-find or unique products or offer product bundles. This time of year is also ideal to push complementary products and accessories that can enhance the products you sold over the holidays.

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eRetailers Most Often Translate Their Sites Into French and German

Selling online means that you can sell your products anywhere in the world. To make it easier for people in foreign markets to make purchases, online stores will often offer their patrons the choice to shop in different languages. When it comes to English-language online retailers, they most often choose to translate their sites into French or German as per translation service provider One Hour Translation. Dutch came in at a surprising third. They based their data on 4,000 projects they had undertaken from January to November of this year. Rounding out the top 5 are Italian and Korean.

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How eCommerce Changes: 79% of Americans Shop Online

79% of adults in the U.S have made an online purchase, with 51% saying they used a cell phone and another 15% have gone through social media links to buy products. In the past decade, customer behaviors around eCommerce have changed with the many available options for purchasing online. 65% of Americans still prefer shopping in-store than online, but the decision of where to buy often comes down to the almighty dollar; 65% of respondents said they compare prices in store versus online before making a purchase.

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Planning to Launch a New Website? Here is Your 6 Step Pre-Launch SEO Plan

There’s a fair amount of planning required when launching a website. Without a solid SEO plan, however, all that effort is for nothing if people won’t be able to find you. There are many factors involved in SEO. The first step is choosing the right domain name. You’ll also need to do some research on keywords, taking care to choose the most relevant ones that are neither too long or too short, nor too precise. Your content should be high quality, useful to your users, and optimized with keywords. You’ll need to set up Google Analytics to measure your efforts. Read on to find out how to properly lay out your plan and ensure your site is poised for success.

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That’s a wrap for 2016! Enjoy the holidays! We wish you eCommerce success in 2017!

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