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eCommerce RoundUp: Friday, August 5th, 2016

The Olympics are opening tonight, but it seems like the athletes aren’t the only ones who are preparing to dominate. Social media giants like LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat are all developing tools to help businesses get their brands out there in a variety of ways. With all these new tools comes a profusion of data to analyze. We’ve not only rounded up articles on these up-and-coming features, we’ve also found an article on how to make sense of the data you’re collecting and use it to your advantage. Grab yourself an iced tea while you peruse this week’s selection.

How To Use Data Analytics for a Remarkable Social Media ROI

It’s quite gratifying seeing the fruits of your digital marketing efforts almost instantly, but what do you do with all the data you collect? Making sense of it all can be daunting even with all the different analytics tools each social media site provides. This article will explain to you how to take advantage of the data generated by your different social media campaigns to improve your social media ROI, as well as the tools to make it happen.

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14 Hacks for Improving Your B2B Paid Social Campaigns

Most B2B businesses don’t perceive social media marketing as a necessity. With the popularity of these networks and the rate at which people are consuming their content, it is a resource companies can’t afford to ignore. How do you effectively use paid social campaigns to your business’ benefit? This article suggests several methods to effectively run your social campaigns from promoted tweets to monitoring your ad rotation.

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8 Things That Annoy Mobile Consumers and How to Fix These Issues on Your Site

Responsive web design has allowed us to take a website and optimize it for any screen size. But even with this new approach, some companies are still designing primarily for larger screens which can lead to issues that are unintentionally overlooked on smaller screens. Things that most annoy users are text being too small, needing to zoom in on tiny buttons or images, slow loading pages, or features that have been hidden on mobile.

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Why You Need to Give LinkedIn a Second Look

With the purchase of LinkedIn by Microsoft came a whole new kind of ability for them to grow and scale at the same pace as other social media giants like Facebook. One of the first new features coming to LinkedIn is native video. With a new mobile app, “LinkedIn Record”, you can film yourself answering questions submitted by other users. Look out for top influencers who will be the first to obtain access to this new feature.

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Introducing Forrester’s B2B Tech Consumer Experience Index Methodology

Forrester has created a new index to help B2B businesses in the tech industry evaluate the experience they deliver to their clients that is similar to the one that was launched in 2007 for consumer-facing businesses. It is called the B2B Tech CX Index and will take into account things like the number of stakeholders within a single account and their involvement in different stages of the account lifecycle, as well as what role partners play in customer experience delivery.

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Report: Snapchat is Making Scannable Codes for the Real World

You’ve probably caught a glimpse of a QR code on various printed media, even if you haven’t used one. Snapchat has decided to create its own scannable code à la QR that will open unique content within its application. The applications for these codes are endless; from packaging to posters, businesses can offer coupons or discounts. These new codes will also generate meta-data, which in turn can be monetized by Snapchat. These new codes are slated to drop in the Fall if all goes well.

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Twitter Lets Retailers Lure Consumers with Exclusive Content

Twitter’s new tool, Instant Unlock Card, will compel consumers to tweet in order to access exclusive content from a merchant. It builds on the conversational ads that Twitter launched in January. During it’s testing phased, advertisers earned 34 impressions for every 100 paid impressions. The unlock cards will also come with their own set of analytics, allowing them to track engagement such as how many time consumers are tweeting with a campaign hashtag.

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