k-eCommerce Customer Success: How We Built Curbside Pickup for MD Informatique

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, curbside pickup has become an increasingly popular solution for businesses operating brick-and-mortar stores. It gives them a way to continue operating in the face of store closures by letting customers schedule a time to come pick up online purchases outside the store.

The latest version of k-eCommerce brings curbside pickup to your web store. When active, your customers have the option of reserving a timeslot to pick up their items. This has remained a popular feature even with the lightening of pandemic restrictions, as well as a crucial lifeline for sales should restrictions tighten.

What you may not know is that we initially developed this feature in the first weeks of the coronavirus pandemic, in direct response to a customer’s request.

MD Informatique was founded in 2002 with the mission of ensuring IT support for the people and businesses of Québec, offering quality products and services that are innovative, efficient and sustainable.

The business had always been a brick-and-mortar retailer, so when COVID-19 arrived, CEO Simon Robert knew he needed to act fast. He came to k-eCommerce with a very specific business request: he wanted his online customers to be able to schedule a time to come retrieve their purchases outside his store.

Realizing the value of this idea for all our customers, k-eCommerce worked around the clock and was able to deliver Mr. Robert’s request within just two weeks.

Here is what he had to say:

“For more than 5 years, I wanted an online commerce platform to sell our products across Québec. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Québec in full force, we had to turn around very quickly to be able to continue to sell our products to our customers.

“The k-eCommerce team was able to support us 24 hours a day so that we could roll out our online store in record time: 2 weeks. This allowed us to start selling our products with pick-up by car and without the customer having to enter our offices, as well as sending orders through the mail.

“Thanks to the store designs available, we were able to create our store without needing to hire a web programmer. This allowed us to fashion a store tailored to our image. The store was set up very quickly, as we were not forced to enter all our products into the inventory before deploying the website.

“k-eCommerce supplies the site hosting as well as the SSL certificate. This is very reassuring, as we know that the site is secure and protected from hackers.

“The advantage of k-eCommerce is that it integrates with Acomba. That means that all online transactions are automatically sent to our accounting system, which simplifies order management a lot. Furthermore, we only have one inventory to manage, which prevents customer frustration. If someone buys the last wireless mouse, the site will indicate that the product is not in stock.

“We were able to use our own payment gateway, as k-eCommerce supports most providers.

“Another exceptional feature is that customers can open corporate accounts directly from the store. This lets our existing SMB clients purchase their products autonomously without even having to call us. What’s more, they can review their old invoices, even from before we took the business online.

“My experience with the k-eCommerce team has been more than positive. I strongly recommend doing business with them to get an all-inclusive webstore online quickly.”

Curbside pickup is available with the latest version of k-eCommerce, along with more than 500 new features and enhancements. Get all the details here!

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