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Ecommerce for Finance and the CFO: Your Basic Checklist for Success

Business is money, and money is the Finance department’s specialty. From financial planning and budgeting to auditing and accounting, Finance is responsible for managing the business’s money and issuing accurate and timely financial statements. The unique opportunities (and challenges) of managing an ecommerce channel create a specific list of requirements that Finance teams and the … Continue reading Ecommerce for Finance and the CFO: Your Basic Checklist for Success

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Omnichannel Consultant: The Changing Role of B2B Sales

This article on e-commerce and B2B sales was originally featured in ERP SoftwareBlog. You can read the original article here. E-commerce has changed the face of B2B sales. B2B companies are increasingly adopting online channels as at least an element of their overall business strategy, while a sizable majority of B2B executives consider B2B e-commerce critical to … Continue reading Omnichannel Consultant: The Changing Role of B2B Sales

How Marketers Get the Most from ERP-Integrated E-Commerce

A well-designed, ERP-integrated e-commerce website is arguably the most powerful tool in a marketer’s arsenal. But it isn’t enough to just put up a web store. Your platform must continually adapt and evolve based on your target audience, product performance, and promotional strategy.
So how does an e-commerce marketer harness the full potential of an ERP-integrated web store platform? Which features are the most important for maximizing that conversion rate?

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3 e-commerce KPIs you can measure from your ERP

As with any other venture, we measure the success of an e-commerce channel by its performance. Assessing this performance involves analyzing numerous, multi-faceted sets of business data. A few of the key measurements include cost, revenue, customer engagement and satisfaction, as well as many others. We measure each of these data sets with e-commerce KPIs, or key performance indicators.