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How Marketers Get the Most from ERP-Integrated E-Commerce

A well-designed, ERP-integrated e-commerce website is arguably the most powerful tool in a marketer’s arsenal. But it isn’t enough to just put up a web store. Your platform must continually adapt and evolve based on your target audience, product performance, and promotional strategy.
So how does an e-commerce marketer harness the full potential of an ERP-integrated web store platform? Which features are the most important for maximizing that conversion rate?

Ecommerce SEO Terms terms everyone should know

10 E-commerce SEO Terms Everyone Should Know

Now that we’ve clarified why your e-commerce business needs SEO, let’s break down some of the most common e-commerce SEO terms you’ll need to be familiar with.

The following are terms that you’ll hear frequently in connection with search engine optimization. They describe or refer to processes by which search engines evaluate and rank web pages.

Use our tools to display your products in their best light

A product well displayed is a product that will sell itself. Consumers are unable to feel and touch the items prior to making a purchase on an online store, which can make them hesitate to buy them. How can you promote your products so customers feel confident enough to buy them online? With the k-eCommerce solution, … Continue reading Use our tools to display your products in their best light