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k-eCommerce Payment Portal: Pay bills online

8 Reasons Your Customers Should Pay Bills Online with k-eCommerce Payment Portal!

k-eCommerce Payment Portal is fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP. It works in exactly the same way as web store integration. When you add invoices to your ERP, they sync automatically to Payment Portal. When customers make an online payment, the payment syncs right back to Dynamics GP. Automating the process like this eliminates the need for manual entry, ensuring accuracy and speed for every transaction.

E-Commerce Customer Service: 4 Reasons Your Online Business Needs It

E-commerce Customer Service: 4 Reasons Your Online Business Needs It

Don’t downsize your customer support team yet. E-commerce customer service is a critical element of doing business online. Here are 4 ways that excellent customer service can take your e-commerce venture to the next level.

4 ecommerce myths you need to stop believing.

4 E-Commerce Myths You Need to Stop Believing

E-commerce is an achievable goal for any business with a product or service to sell. It helps companies lower their costs, grow their sales, and optimize their customer experience.

And yet incredibly, a large number of business owners still feel unwilling to venture an online channel. Having talked with many small-to-medium business owners over the years, we’ve learned that their objections usually come down to one of the following for e-commerce myths.

New k-eCommerce version - Marketplace Integration updates

New version! Big Marketplace Integration updates!

k-eCommerce version 20181201 has brought some exciting new changes to Marketplace Integration!

k-eCommerce Marketplace Integration lets you connect your k-eCommerce web store to Amazon, eBay, or both, and harness the selling power of these e-commerce giants as new online channels that synchronize order, customer, product and price data with your ERP.

e-commerce summer reading list

E-Commerce Summer Reading List 2018

While you enjoy the warm summer weather, we make it easy for you to stay up-to-date with the latest news and insights from the e-commerce world. Check out our summer reading list of 8 must-read articles to keep current with the buzz of online business.

Marketplace Integration White Paper

Make Amazon and eBay Sell For You with Marketplace Integration

Whether you’re already an online business owner or you’ve just been thinking about opening a web store, any serious e-commerce selling strategy needs to give some thought to Amazon and eBay.

One Simple Strategy Shift for Social Media Success

Imagine the world’s largest shopping mall, with hundreds of millions of customers from all over the world strolling the mezzanine 24 hours a day, all year round. Better known as social media.

New Web Stores from k-eCommerce

New Web Stores Powered by k-eCommerce – December 2015

New Web Stores Powered by k-eCommerce – December 2015 The year has almost come to an end and we’re pushing for a strong finish to 2015! There have been a lot of great things happening at k-eCommerce, including launching these new web stores. New Web Stores from k-eCommerce with Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration SoHo Studio … Continue reading New Web Stores Powered by k-eCommerce – December 2015


Here Comes Cyber Clause – Cyber Monday Infographic from k-eCommerce

With nearly half of all U.S. shoppers planning to make a purchase on Cyber Monday, your eCommerce website must be prepared for an increase in online traffic. Cyber Monday set a record in 2014 by hitting $2.68 billion in online sales, with 2015 B2C eCommerce sales expected to be even higher. While Black Friday generally offers better … Continue reading Here Comes Cyber Clause – Cyber Monday Infographic from k-eCommerce